The chapter on Instruments gives an overview of the various special instruments that have been developed to realize accurate performances of microtonal music. These instruments are vital for musicians, composers and the public to experience correct renditions of microtonal works. On various web pages and sub web pages one can find information about diverse microtonal instruments, both historical and new.

The page about the Fokker organ describes many details about our most prized instrument, which one can see in the BAM Hall of the Muziekgebouw at 't IJ in Amsterdam. There is also a link to a sub-page describing the renovation process of the Fokker-Organ by the organ builder Pels and Van Leeuwen.

Instruments Huygens-Fokker has information about various other instruments in our possession which are not very often heard in concerts.

Microtonal Instruments and all it's sub-pages give a general overview many instruments that are not from our foundation but are worthy of mention. This section will be continuously augmented as there is a growing interest in other harmonies and sounds here in the 21st century.

We advise all who are interested to keep an eye on these pages as they are updated regularly!