List of Scala help items

Command Main function
Add Add pitches of a scale to the current scale
Append Append a note to a scale
Approximate Approximate pitches with a rational value
Assume Match pitches with exact rational values
Average Average groups of pitches
Bistep Get least squares approximation to a scale with two step sizes
Calculate Evaluate a pitch expression
Catalogue Show contents of scale and pitch memories
Cd Change working directory
Chords Show approximations of rational chords
Clear Empty a scale or keyboard mapping
Close Close text output file
Cls Clear the screen
Collapse Get all intervals of given class or commas
Compare Compare a scale to scales on disk and in memory
Convergents Show convergents of a number
Copy Copy a scale or pitch to another memory location
Cps Create a Combination Product Set scale
Delete Delete pitches from a scale
Difference Difference of two scales as set operation
Directory Show directory listing
Discard Remove small intervals from the current scale
Divide Calculate and show interval divisions
Double Double the amount of notes in a scale
Dwarf Create a dwarf scale
Echo Write text to the screen
Egalize Change the equal-temperedness of the current scale
Equaltemp Create an equal-tempered scale
Euclid Perform Euclidean algorithm and show results
Eulerfokker Create an Euler-Fokker scale
Example Create sound files using the current scale
Exchange Exchange two notes in the current scale
Exit Leave the program
Exponentiate Change pitches of the current scale by a power
Extend Change the number of notes in a scale
Farey Approximate pitches with a Farey fraction
File Send screen output to a text file
Fit Show equal temperament approximations to a scale
Flip Exchange harmonic vector elements of pitches in the current scale
Fretboard Show fingering for a chord or interval on a fretboard
Harmonic Create a (sub-)harmonic scale
Help Show help text with commands and other items
Hobbit Create a just hobbit scale
Import Convert or extract scales from zipfile
Input Create a scale with manual note input
Insert Insert a pitch in the current scale
Intersect Intersection of two scales as set operation
Invert Reverse the order of intervals in the current scale
Iterate Perform a command iteratively over some set
Key Change the key of the current scale
Lattice Show ratio-space lattice of current scale
Limit Limit the prime or odd limit of the current scale
Lineartemp Create a linear temperament or Pythagorean scale
Load Load a scale, keyboard mapping or pitches from file
Merge Union of two scales as set operation
Mode Do a mode selection from the current scale
Modulate Perform a modulation operation on the current scale
Morph Change the current scale in the direction of another scale
Mos Generate a Moment Of Symmetry from the current scale
Move Increase pitches of the current scale with an interval
Multiply Change pitches of the current scale with a factor
Normalize Impose an octave boundary on the current scale
Pause Pause execution of a command file
Permute Permute intervals of the current scale
Pipedum Create a scale with parallelopiped lattice
Play Play a MIDI file
Polychord Create a polychordal scale like tritriadic
Polynomial Create a polynomial scale or find roots
Pop Pop stack of scales or global parameters
Product Take cross product of two scales
Project Project harmonic vectors of pitches in the current scale
Push Push stack of scales or global parameters
Quantize Quantize pitches to an integer multiple of a value
Ratio Perform ratio operations
Rectangle Create a rectangular scale
Reduce Octave reduce pitches of the current scale
Remove Delete a file
Replace Replace pitch(es) in the current scale
Reverse Reverse the order of pitches in the current scale
Sample Select a sample of pitches from the current scale
Save Save scale to file
Seed Give a seed for random operations
Select Select pitches from the current scale
Send Make or show a synthesizer tuning for the current scale
Set Attribute Set pitch attribute for Show Scale
Set Adjustment Adjust reference frequency for keyboard mapping
Set Calc_Output Set output format for Calculate
Set Compdiff Set allowed pitch difference for Compare
Set Controller Set MIDI option for Example/Midi
Set Description Set scale description line
Set Device_Id Set MIDI device number for Send
Set Diff_Degree Set difference interval for Set Attribute Diff_Et
Set Ellis Set base frequency for scale degree 0 in Ellis
Set Exclude Set MIDI option for Example
Set Explimit Set exponent limits for Approximate
Set Factor Set value for Factor or Reciprocal attribute
Set Fifth Set scale degree for G in notation
Set First Set first degree to show with Show
Set Frequency Set base frequency for scale degree 0
Set Harmconst Set weighting constants of prime numbers
Set Index Set option for Show
Set Int_File Set file for names of rational intervals
Set Int_Steps Set steps for Interval attribute
Set Limit Set current prime limit
Set Lt_Pars Set LT notation parameters
Set Map_Freq Set reference frequency for keyboard mapping
Set Maxdiff Set allowed pitch difference for Approximate
Set Middle Set middle key of keyboard mapping
Set Name Set name option for Show
Set Notation Set notation system for note names
Set Offset Set first name for Set Notation
Set Onerror Set continuation option for @
Set Pause Set scrolling pause on or off
Set Pitch_Bend Set option for Example/Midi
Set Preset Set MTS program/preset number for Send
Set Program Set option for Example/Midi
Set Reciprocal Set value for Reciprocal or Factor attribute
Set Sagittal Set Sagittal notation form
Set Separator Set screen output separator
Set Step_Unit Set unit for Step_Diff attribute
Set Synthesizer Set synthesizer kind
Set Tolerance Set tolerance factor for notation
Set Unit Set unit option for Show
Set Wavefile Set parameters for Example/Wav
Set Weighting Set weighting factor for Approximate
Show Angle Show angle between two rational pitches
Show Attribute Show current attribute
Show Beats Show beat frequencies
Show Bestcycle Show cycle of least squares optimal fifths
Show Combination Show interval combinations
Show Cycle Show cycle of fifths with comma distribution
Show Data Show quantities and properties of a scale
Show Default Show default directory
Show Description Show scale description
Show Difference Show difference between pitches in two scales
Show Distance Show distance of a pitch to nearest pitch in the current scale
Show Et_Diff Show difference between pitches and equal tempered steps
Show Explimit Show exponent limits for Approximate
Show Frequency Show current base frequency
Show Generators Show generators within ET for scale
Show Harmconst Show weighting constants of prime numbers
Show Intervals Show all intervals in a scale
Show Items Search for a name in multiple places
Show Locations Show locations of an interval in the current scale
Show Mapping Show the keyboard mapping
Show Nearest Show nearest scale pitches offset by intervals
Show Notation Show the notation system names and current system
Show Pitch Show value in a pitch memory
Show Primes Show list of primes in a given range
Show Scale Show pitches of a scale with attributes and names
Show Settings Show current scale and option settings of Set commands
Show Shifts Show scale pitches incremented by intervals
Show Statistics Show interval statistics of a scale
Show Stringlen Show string lengths for a scale
Show Synthesizer Show supported synthesizer models
Show Temperings Show differences to a given pitch
Show Time Show current date and time
Show Transpose Show amount of different pitches for each transposition
Show Version Show program version
Sieve Sieve out pitches from the current scale
Sort Sort pitches of the current scale
Spawn Execute an operation system command
Square Create a tonality diamond scale
Stretch Stretch or shrink the intervals of the current scale
Subtract Subtract pitches of a scale from the current scale
Swap Interchange scale or pitch memories
Symmetrize Make the current scale symmetrical
Tip Provide a tip-of-the-day
Type Show a text file on screen
Uncycle Reorder the current scale to a cycle of fifths
Undo Undo the last current scale changing operation
Unique Throw away double scale pitches
Unrat Change rational scale pitches into floating point values
Vary Randomly vary scale pitches
@ Execute a command file

Other items

$ Use of $-character
% Use of %-character
[ ] Use of [- and ]-characters
:= Evaluate a pitch expression and assign to pitch memory or scale degree
! Command line comment character
? Use of ?-character
About... About Scala
Commands Command syntax
Errors Error messages
Expressions Syntax of pitch values
Interruption Interrupt a running command
Introduction How to tune a synthesizer
Patterns Specification of regular search expressions
Pitches Semantics of pitch values
Qualifiers Syntax of command options
Scales Semantics of scales
Startup How to run commands at startup

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