Deze discografie omvat microtonale/xenharmonische/niet-12-toonsmuziek die op CD is verschenen, maar geen 12-toonsmuziek in reine stemming, historische temperaturen of "etnische" traditionele muziek. Het begrip xenharmonisch is bedacht door Ivor Darreg voor muzikale fenomenen die wezenlijk anders klinken dan met 12 tonen in een octaaf, en stamt af van het Griekse xenos = vreemd. De term e.t. staat voor equal temperament of equal tuning, d.i. evenredig zwevende temperatuur of evenredig zwevende stemming.

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In 1999 is de Jubileum-CD 50 jaar Stichting Huygens-Fokker uitgebracht. U kunt deze hier bestellen.

Microtonale CDs

  • Mary Beth Ackerley: "Intervals of Motion", electronic music. Galaxia Studios, 2002.
  • Bill Alves: "http://www.billalves.com/recordings.html">The Terrain of Possibilities". With computer transformations of vocal and instrumental sounds. Uses different tunings and JI. eMUSIC, 1998. EM101
  • Aphex Twin: "Selected Ambient Works Volume II". Ambient electronic music by Richard D. James, Warp Records, 1994. WARP CD 21
  • Jon Appleton: "Degitaru Ongaku" for Synclavier. An astonishing section in which he plays an ostinato while slowly changing the value of the octave from less than 2 to greater than 3. CDCM Computer Music Series vol. 6, 1991. Centaur Records CRC 2052
  • Jon Appleton: "Eros Ex Machina". Uses the Bohlen-Pierce 13th root of 3 (8.202 tones/octave) scale on Synclavier. On the CD accompanying the Max Mathews New Directions in Computer Music book. On the same CD, very short pieces of Alyson Reeves: "Minuet" and "Canon 4" also using the Bohlen-Pierce scale. MIT Press, 1991. MATCCD 0-262-63121-0
  • Phillip Arnautoff: "Soliloquy: A Ritual of Communion with Vibrating Strings" (1998-1999) performed by the composer on Harry Partch's harmonic canon. Periplum, P 0090
  • Bachir Attar with Elliott Sharp: "In New York". Bachir Attar: rhaita, guimbri, flute, voice; Jane Tomkiewicz: bendir; Elliott Sharp: guitar, bass, drum programming. Uses quarter tones. Enemy Productions, 1994. EMCD 114
  • Henk Badings: "Capriccio for violin and two soundtracks" (1959). In 31 tone e.t. Performed by Joke Vermeulen, violin. On More Electronic Music by Badings, double CD, Basta Music, 2009. Basta 3091 722
  • Christopher Bailey: Music for Piano. Contains "Balladei" (2005) for piano and tape, with the tape part in 31-tone and 17-tone e.t. Performed by Shiau-Uen Ding, piano. Electric Music Collective, 2007.
  • Christopher Bailey: "Ooogaah: Dungeony Specimen Spaceship" (1999) for electronic sounds with techniques from the spectral school and Just Intonation school. On the CD "Defiant" by Electric Music Collective. Electric Music Collective, 2004.
  • Claude Ballif: "Un Délire de Dédales" (2000), symphonic concert for flute and orchestra opus 49/4. Uses quarter-tones. On the CD "Claude Ballif - L'Oeuvre pour flûte (intégrale)", performed by José Garcia Guerrero, flute and the Orchestre Symphonique Simon Bolivar, cond. Manuel Hernandez Silva. Abeille Musique AMCD 2003
  • Alain Bancquart: "Le Livre du Labyrinthe" (1995), performed by Nicholas Isherwood, bass and Ensemble Vox Nova cond. Alain Bancquart. Text by Marie-Claire Bancquart. The instrumental ensemble is comprised of leading European musicians and additionally uses pianos in quarter- and sixteenth tones, electric guitar, viola d'amore, harp, percussion, celli and magnetic tape. Contains "Prologue", "Icare", "Labyrinthe / miroir", "Solitude de Minotaure", "Meurtre" and "Epilogue". Uses quarter and sixteenth tones. Double CD, Mode Records, 2003. Mode 120/121
  • Alain Bancquart: "De l'étrange circulation de la sève" (1990), performed by Orchestre Français de Flûtes cond. Pierre-Yves Artaud and Christian Rivet, solo guitar. On the same CD "Chant des Aires" by Alain Louvier, also for microtonal flutes. Adda, 1992. Adda 581257 or Musidisc 243522
  • Alain Bancquart: "Sonate pour flûte", performed by Pierre-Yves Artaud, flute. On CD with recital by Pierre-Yves Artaud and Bérengère Michaud with pieces by Luca Francesconi, Betsy Jolas, Goffredo Petrassi, Eric Tanguy, Joji Yuasa, Maurice Ohana, Paul Méfano and Bruno Maderna. 2e2m collection 1004.
  • Alain Bancquart: "Grande Mélodie" (1988), performed by Pierre-Yves Artaud, flute. Adda 240092
  • Michel Barbaud & Sten Höstfält. "Karwan-Tura Leri Live in Paris", microtonal jazz, g-wOw, 2005, g-wOw 1216
  • Clarence Barlow: "OTOdeBLU" (1990) in 17-tone e.t. for 2 player piano/piano 4 hands. In celebration of John Pierce's 80th birthday. On the Computer Music Journal's Sound Anthology CD, 1995, with CMJ vol. 19.
  • Clarence Barlow: "Çogluotobüsisletmesi" for four piano's (1978). Uses quartertones. On "Klarenz Barlow Clavier Works". Performed by Herman Kretzchmar, piano; Klarenz Barlow, player piano/Klavierquartett. Cybele Records, 2008. Multichannel Super Audio CD 960.308
  • Sergio Barroso: "Canzona" (1988), "Sonatada" (1992) and "Crónicas de Ultrasueño" (1992), on the CD "Délirantes". Electronic and elctroacoustic music using microtones in the range from quarter-tones to one-thirty second tones. Double CD, empreintes DIGITALes, Diffusion i Média, 1996. IMED 9628/29
  • Martin Bartlett: "Pythagoras' Ghost" (1990). Music for instruments and electronics. The title-piece is for four electronic wind instruments in varying scales. "The Nautical Almanac" (1975) combines repetitive phrases over an ostinato for piano, percussion and cello. The third piece "The Arrival of Sir John Franklin in Paradise" (1988) is for voice and electronics and also uses an intricate system of scales. The Western Front, 1993. Front Records 001. Also obtainable from Frog Peak Music.
  • Martin Bartlett: Burning Water. With compositions "Hexachords" (1984), performed with Peter Hannan (recorder) and a Buchla 400 computer-controlled synthesizer; "États" (1987), performed with George Lewis (trombone), Atari computer, and Yamaha FB-01 synthesizers; "Burning Water" (1979), performed by Martin Bartlett with a Kim-1 computer, Black Box, and Buchla 200 modules. Periplum, P 0020
  • Dennis Bathory-Kitsz: "Chamber Bowling". MP3.com CD, 2001
  • Carlos Bechegas & Peter Kowald: "Open Secrets". Carlos Bechegas plays flute using extended techniques and Peter Kowald double bass. FMP Forward Rec no.1, 2001.
  • David Behrman: "Unforeseen Events". Ben Neill plays mutantrumpet and interacts with Behrman's electronics in an exploration of different tunings and processes. The music is so harmonic that when microtonal inflections occur, as in "Witch Grass", they're really noticed. In "Refractive Light", retunings of the electronics are calculated on the fly in response to pitches the performer plays. Experimental Intermedia, XI 105
  • George Benjamin: "Antara" (1987). Created at IRCAM as a commission for the tenth anniversary of the institute in 1987. The name is the Inca name for panpipe. Scored for 2 flutes, 4X computer, 2 trombones, 2 percussionists and 8 strings. The computer contains samples of a Peruvian antara. Microtones are exploited throughout the score. Other works on the CD by Pierre Boulez and Jonathan Harvey. Nimbus, 1989. NI 5167
  • Jan Beran: "Cirri" (1987-1990). Various pieces evolved from improvisations which make use of 36 tones/octave. Centaur Records, 1991. CRC 2100
  • John Bischoff: "Next Tone, Please" on "Artificial Horizon". A 31-tone algorithmically harmonized stochastic melody. By one of the principals of The League of Automatic Composers. Artifact Recordings, 1989. ART 1003
  • Easley Blackwood: "Twelve Microtonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media" op. 28 (1979-1980), "Fanfare in 19-note Equal Tuning" op. 28a (1981) and "Suite for Guitar in 15-note Equal Tuning" op. 33. The Etudes and Fanfare are played on the Polyfusion synthesizer. This is very attractive music. Cedille Records, 1994. CDR 90000 018
  • Peter Blasser: "Elyria Lights". All music in 22 tone equal temperament, and stylistically a blend of country, electronic, and rock. Peter Blasser, 2000.
  • Richard Boulanger: Movement 2 from "Temporal Silence". 60-Tone synthesizer sounds overlaid with computer-processed clarinet sounds. From the CD "Neuma Electro-Acoustic Music Vol. 1" from Neuma Records.
  • Richard Boulanger: "Solemn Song for Evening" for soprano and Max Mathews' Radio Baton. On "The Virtuoso in the Computer Age - V". CDCM Computer Music Series vol. 15. Centaur Records, CRC 2190. On the same CD: "A Wild and Reckless Place" by Ami Radunskaya, see below.
  • Donald Bousted: "A journey among travellers". A 26 minute quarter-tonal piece for two alto recorders. Ensemble QTR, Kathryn Bennetts and Peter Bowman, recorder. QTR Recordings, 1998. CD07-98
  • Glenn Branca: Symphony No.3 (Gloria)". Uses the first 127 intervals in the harmonic series. Atavistic, 1993. Atavistic 3781 8-2
  • Glenn Branca: "Symphony No.6 (Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven)". Atavistic, 1994. Atavistic 3781 10-2. Also: Torso Records CD 121
  • Glenn Branca: "Symphony No.9 (L'eve Future)". Point Music, 1995.
  • Martin Bresnick: "Just Time" (1985) for woodwind quintet, performed by the New York Woodwind Quintet. With other music by Mel Powell, Ronald Roseman and Ralph Shapey. New World Records NEW 80413-2
  • Ed Broms: "Broms". Arc Productions
  • Ton Bruynèl: "Brouillard" (1994) for piano and tape. On "Looking Ears III" Donemus, 1996. Donemus CD NEAR 01
  • Scott Bruzenak: "Googleplex", electronic music in 19-tone, 60-tone e.t. and other tunings by the band Astroid Power-Up!, CD Baby, 2004.
  • Warren Burt: "Three Inverse Genera". Uses 19-note giant Just Intonation tuning forks. On the CD "Austral Voices - New music from Australia", New Albion NA028. Contains also: "Songs of the Wind" by Sarah Hopkins, using a long whirling plastic hose and "Genesis" by Ros Bandt using an Arabic meantone scale on psaltery. Other works for telegraph wires, cello, synthesizer and ruined piano.
  • Warren Burt: "39 Dissonant Etudes" (1993). Microtonal compositions for digital piano sounds of 90 seconds each in every equal temperament from 5 through 43 tones per octave. Tall Poppies Records, 1998. Tall Poppies #93
  • Warren Burt: "La Strega Bianca Della Luna II". Electronic music, a sensuous drone of multiple superimposed equal temperaments that pulse. On "Sonic Circuits VI", Innova Recordings 115
  • Warren Burt: "Microtonal Fake Chamber Music 1993-1997". Compositions in various tunings like 19-, 14-, 33-tone e.t. and random scales. Warren Burt, 2000.
  • Warren Burt: "Music for tuning forks". Contains "Improvisation in Two Ancient Greek Modes" (1987), "Voices, Tuning Forks and Accordion" (1986) and "Almond Bread Harmonies II" (1985). Performed by Warren Burt, Ernie Althoff and Anja Tait, tuning forks, the Astra Choir and Catherine Schieve, microtonal accordion. Warren Burt, 2000.
  • Warren Burt: "Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds (1992-98)". Music for computer, synthesizer and MIDI controller. Contains "3-One-Way Journeys & We Haven't even yet BEGUN to Emancipate the Dissonance!" (1992), "39 Dissonant Etudes" (1993), "THIS Harmony for Forty Minutes" (1994), "A Book of Symmetries for Loretta Goldberg" (1995), "'Fugue', Prelude and Three Cat Laxative Sonatas" (1995-96), "11/13 on 13/11 & Westlandgracht" (1996), "Twenty Dekanies" (1998), "Bunjil's Soft Journey Through Two Hebdomekontanies" (1998). 6 CD, Warren Burt, 2000.
  • Warren Burt: "Harmonic Colour Fields", a collection of 1996 - 1997 computer compositions: "Portrait of Erv Wilson", "Portrait of John Chalmers", "Adjacencies (a Drone on Breaking my Kneecap)", "11:21:23" (a Drone on Mom and Felix's Birthdays) and "48=>53; 53=>48". Pogus Productions, 2003. Pogus P21028-2
  • Warren Burt: "Pythagoras' Babylonian Bathtub (or, climbing around the branches of the scale tree)". Live improvisational performance for 3 laptops, 3 synthesizers, 4 loudspeakers, 48 oscillators and 167 scales. Double CD, Warren Burt, 2003.
  • Warren Burt: "A Post-Modern Object-Oriented Chaotic Cellular Microtonal Teledildonic Virtual Simulacra! (Buzzwords (that might have gotten you tenure) for sampled orchestra)", no. 16 from "Some Kind of Seasoning" (1991). On "Apollo and Marsyas, an anthology of new music concerts, Het Apollohuis 1980-1997", Het Apollohuis, 2002. ACD 090218
  • John Cage: "Atlas Eclipticalis" (1961-62). Played by The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble conducted by Petr Kotik and Joseph Kubera, piano. Wergo WER 6216-2
    The instrumental parts for flute played by Eberhard Blum on piccolo, flute and alto flute. Hat Hut Records, 1992. hat ART CD 6111
  • John Cage: "Études Boréales" (1978). Four etudes for solo cello. (with "Dip in the Lake", Lecture", "Solo for Cello", "26'1.1499") Played by Frances-Marie Uitti. Etcetera, KTC 2016
  • John Cage: "Ryoanji" (1985) and "Ten" (1991). Played by the Ives Ensemble (with "Fourteen"). Hat Hut Records, 1994. hat ART CD 6159
    "Ryoanji" for trombone and percussion played by Roland Dahinden and Hildegard Kleeb (with "Two", "Dream" and "Prelude for meditation"). hat ART CD 6129
    Played by James Fulkerson on trombone and Frank Denyer (with "TWO5" and "Solo for sliding trombone"). Etcetera, KTC 1137
  • John Cage: Violin Music. Paul Zukofsky plays Cage's "Chorals" (from "Solos for Voice"), "Cheap Imitation" (1969), and "Freeman Etudes I-VIII" (1980 & 1990). In "Chorals", perhaps Cage's most intensely microtonal piece, Zukofsky shows just how finely pitches can be played. This version of "Cheap Imitation", composed in consultation with Zukofsky, uses a multi-modal Pythagorean tuning. And the "Freeman Etudes" might qualify as the most difficult violin music ever written. CP2
  • John Cage: "Two4" (1991) for violin and sho. Performed by Irvine Arditti and Maumi Miyata. Mode Records, Mode 160
  • Wendy Carlos: "Beauty in the Beast". One of the best electronic non-12 CDs ever. Includes "Just Imaginings" in which Carlos modulates through 12 successive just keys. The title piece is in her Alpha and Beta tuning, another piece in Gamelan tuning and ones using a harmonic scale. Passport Records, Inc., 1986. SYNCD 200 Now back in print: ESD, 2000. ESD 81552
  • Wendy Carlos: "Afterlife" on "Tales of Heaven and Hell". Electronic music with themes in 15-tone e.t. ESD, 1998. ESD 81352
  • Charles Carpenter: "Frog à la Pêche". High energy progressive rock based music with similarities to King Crimson on synthesizer/samplers using the Bohlen-Pierce scale. Caterwaul Records, 1994. CAT8221
  • Charles Carpenter: "Splat". Incorporating freely jazz, avant-garde and even classical elements, explores the new territory of Bohlen-Pierce with a refreshing lack of scruples. Caterwaul Records, 1996. 1232MK-2
  • Julián Carrillo: Música de Julián Carrillo. Contains "Sinfonía No. 1 en Re Mayor", "Preludio a Colón", "Horizontes", "Sexteto para Cuerdas", "Meditación", "En Secreto" and "Balbuceos". Recorded in Paris between 1961 and 1965. Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux, cond. Julián Carrillo. Sony Music Entertaiment de México, 1997. Double CD, CDEC2 486131
  • Julián Carrillo: Seis casi-sonatas en cuartos de tono para violoncello solo. Performed by Jimena Giménez Cacho, cello. Quindecim Recordings, 2007. Double CD, QP182
  • Jon Catler Group: "Jesus Got a Gun". Rock music with just intonation fretted and fretless guitar and bass. Direct Disc, 1995. DD0001
  • The Catler Brothers: "Crash Landing". 10 Songs in 49-note per octave just intonation. FreeNote Records, 1997.
  • Jon Catler and Meredith Borden: "Birdhouse". Birdhouse has taken actual microtonal transcriptions of birdsong, as well as songs inspired by birds and expressed them through an extended 13-limit system of Just Intonation. It joins the unique talents of innovative guitarist and composer, Jon Catler and coloratura songstress, Meredith Borden. This CD creates an aviary of sound, highlighting the special talents of multi-instrumentalist Brad Catler on percussion and fretless bass, flutist Andrew Bolotowsky, and drummer Jonathan Kane; furthermore, on its classic peace anthem "Bird of Pray", Birdhouse introduces a microtonal choir featuring the voices of Carla Buffa, Paul Matsumoto and Joseph Liebhart. FreeNote Records, 1998.
  • Jon Catler: "Evolution for Electric Guitar and Orchestra". A four movement symphonic work performed in 62-tone just intonation, conducted by Joel Thome. Instrumentation: 2 just intonation guitars, 2 violins, viola, cello, upright bass, electric JI bass, percussion and 2 vocalists all in 13-limit harmonic series tuning. Freenote Records, 2001.
  • Jon Catler: "Jon Catler. With "La Religion est une Salope", "Sleeping Beauty", "Planet Slicer I & II", "Timepeace", "Joint" and "Evolution". Performed by Jon Catler acoustic and electric guitars; American Festival of Microtonal Music Ensemble and Orchestra, Paolo Bellomia cond.; Danice Gomien and Walter Moore, vocals; Johnny Reinhard, bassoon; Bradford Catler and Hansford Rowe, electric fretless bass; Mike Cullens, Bill Bryant and Bob Muller, drums; Dave Eggar, cello and Guy Tyler, double bass. American Festival of Microtonal Music, 2006. Pitch P-200206
  • Friedrich Cerha: String Quartets no. 1-3, String sextet after Hölderlin. Performed by the Arditti Quartet. WDR/CPO LC 8492
  • Charming Hostess: "Eat". The Hostesses focus on the power of the voice and a radical approach to harmony, microtonality and multi-layering. Strong leanings to various folk and experimental rock traditions. Vaccination VAC016
  • John Chowning: "Stria" (1977). Computer music in 13-tone per 1206 cents octave or you can think of it as the Golden Section divided into 9 equal parts. On "John Chowning: Music with Computers", Wergo, 1988. WER 2012-50
  • Gloria Coates: "Symphony No. 2" (1974/1988) performed by the Stuttgart Philharmonic, cond. Hauschild, "Homage to Van Gogh" (1993) performed by Musica Viva Dresden, cond. Wirrmann, "Fragment from Leonardo's Notebooks" (1976-1984) performed by Youth Festival Orchestra Bayreuth, cond. Kuntzsch, "Time Frozen" (1995) performed by Das Neue Werk Hamburg, cond. Cichewiecz. CPO 999590-2
  • Gloria Coates: "Symphony No. 4" (1984/1990) performed by the Stuttgart Philharmonic, cond. Hauschild, "Symphony No. 7" (1991) by Stuttgart Philharmonic, cond. Schmoehe, "Symphony No. 1" (1974) by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Elgar Howarth, CPO 999392-2
  • Gloria Coates: String Quartets no. 1 (1966), 2 (1972) and 4 (1977), performed by the Kronos Quartet. Pro Viva ISPV 173, distr. Albany Records.
  • Gloria Coates: String Quartet no. 3 (1975) performed by the Fanny Mendelssohn Quartet. Troubadisc TRO-CD 01418, distr. Albany Records.
  • Gloria Coates: String Quartets no. 1 (1966), 5 (1988) and 6 performed by the Kreuzer Quartet. Naxos, to appear spring 2002.
  • Tolgahan Çogulu. "Atlas", microtonal music by guitar duo. Performed by Sinan Cem Eroglu and Tolgahan Çogulu. Kalan, 2012.
  • Tony Conrad: "Slapping Pythagoras". A lot of guitars and violins making scraping sounds. Table Of The Elements, 1995.
  • Mildred Couper: "Xanadu" and "Dirge". Quarter-tone piano pieces performed by Anatoly Larkin and Carl Witt. On the CD "If Tigers were Clouds: Eight Decades of Women in Experimental Music" by Zeitgeist. Innova, 2003. Innova 589
  • Marilyn Crispell & Georg Graewe: "Piano duets" (for tuned & detuned pianos). Double CD, the second disc uses diagonal tuning developed by Thomas Henke: both pianos are tuned a quarter-tone apart in the middle registers, while the lower and upper registers are stretched flat, respectively sharp, gradually within the range of a minor second. Leo Records, 1992. CD LR 206/207.
  • Pascale Criton: "Territoires imperceptibles" (1997), "Artefact" (2001), "Thymes" (1988), "La Ritournelle et le galop" (1996) and "Le Passage des heures" (1998). Chamber music in 72-tone and 96-tone e.t. Ensemble 2e2m cond. Paul Méfano. Pierre Roullier, flute; Didier Aschour, guitar; Hervé Derrien, cello; Jean-Pierre Collot, piano; Yumi Nara, soprano; Noëmi Schindler, violin; Christophe Roy, cello and Pascal Contet, accordeon. Assai, 2003. Assai 222482 - MU750
  • Pierre-Jean Crosset: "Harmoniques du temps", Disques Ocora, 558661
  • George Crumb: "Ancient Voices of Children for Soprano & Chamber Ensemble" (1970). Elektra Nonesuch 79149-2
  • Ivor Darreg: "Detwelvulate!". The Ivor Darreg Memorial CD, 1994. Contains selections from "Beyond the Xenharmonic Frontier" a series of synthesizer etudes, a megalyra composition and other works in equal temperaments from 5 to 53 tones per octave. Available from the Ivor Darreg Memorial Fund and eMUSIC.
  • Ivor Darreg: "More Microtonal Music by Ivor Darreg". Instruments: amplifying clavichord, megalyra, elastic tuning organ, kosmolyra, modified theremin with volume keyboard, DX7II. Tunings: 19-tone e.t., 17-tone e.t., 22-tone e.t., 12-tone e.t., Ellis' just harmonical with 7/4, septimal just tuning with 7/6 blues third. Microtonal Shelf, 1998. CD002
  • Ivor Darreg: "Beyond the Xenharmonic Frontier - volume 1". Synthesizer compositions in every equal temperament from 9 through 31 tones per octave by Ivor Darreg. Microtonal Shelf, 1998. CD003
  • Ivor Darreg: "Beyond the Xenharmonic Frontier - volume 2". Synthesizer compositions in every equal temperament from 32 through 41 tones per octave by Ivor Darreg. Microtonal Shelf, 1998. CD004
  • Ivor Darreg: "Beyond the Xenharmonic Frontier - volume 3". Synthesizer compositions in every equal temperament from 42 through 53 tones per octave by Ivor Darreg. Microtonal Shelf, 1998. CD005
  • Deep Listening Band: "The Ready Made Boomerang". The Deep Listening Band again in the resonant Fort Worden Cistern on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. For this session, Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, and Panaiotis invited vocalist Thomasa Eckert and clarinettist-composer William O. Smith to join them in richly varied improvisations. New Albion, 1991. NA044
  • Deep Listening Band: "Troglodyte's Delight". Recorded in a cave. Non Sequitur, 1990. WN 0003
  • Chris Dench: "Sulle Scale della Fenice" (1986-89). On "Music for flute", played by Laura Chislett. Etcetera, 1993. KTC 1146. Also on Perspectives of New Music, 1991. PNM 29
  • Edison Denisov: "Sonata for alto saxophone and piano" (1970), performed by John Harle, saxophone and John Lenehan, piano. Uses quarter-tones. On "John Harle's Saxophone" with other music by Phil Woods, Richard Rodney Bennett, Dave Heath and Michael Berkeley. Hyperion, 1987. CDA 66246
  • Edison Denisov: "Concerto for Cello and Orchestra" (1973), performed by Alexander Zagorinsky, cello and the Symphony Orchestra of the "Ostankino" TV and Radio Corporation cond. Alexander Mikhailov. This one-movement cello concerto is an impressive microtonal cello monologue. On this CD also "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" with Maria Parshina, piano which contains some microtonal clusters and glissandi. Vista Vera Ltd. Moscow, 1993. UL-94055
  • D.D.T.: Discomedia. Hardcore agro-industrial electronic music with pieces in 10- and 19-tone e.t. Noel McKenna, drum and vocals; Lisa Sirois, samples and vocals; Elaine Walker, synthesizer. Lovely Flankers, 1993.
  • Frank Denyer: "Finding Refuge in the Remains" (1992), "Quartet" (1988-90), "Frog" (1974), "Archaeology" (1991), "Contained in a Strange Garden" (1993) and "The Tender Sadness of Tyrants as they Dance" (1991). Performed by The Barton Workshop, Manon Heijne, Jos Zwaanenburg, John Anderson, Jos Tieman, James Fulkerson, Wim Konink, Marcel Andriessen, Jan Rokyta, Walter Althammer, Alex Robertson, Robin Canter, James Wood, Yoshikazu Iwamoto. Etcetera, 1998. KTC 1221
  • Robert Dick: "The Other Flute". Solo recordings of original works and pieces by Eric Dolphy, Edgar Varèse and Paganini/Dick. GM Recordings, 1986. GM 2013
  • Paul Dolden: "Veils" (1984-1985) subtitled "Studies in Textural Transformations", is a series of textures or walls of sound which act as an invitation for the listener to explore an environment where new acoustic sensations and associations can be discovered. The texture, a sustained microtonal chord of usually 14-56 notes, is constantly transforming by changing the instrument type that is articulating the sound (i.e. from strings to voice, to brass, to piano, to marimba, to glass, etc). No electronic effects were used and only straight recordings and mixing of acoustic instruments were used. Diffusion i Média, 1999. IMED 9917/18
  • David Doty: "Uncommon Practice", selected compositions 1984-1995 include "Dithyramb", "Fake Irish Music", "Fake Greek Music", "Paradigms Lost", "Contrapunctus 1.01", "Bodhisattvas in Berkeley?--Mu!", "Rituals and Ceremonies". Doty draws from many musical traditions, including music of the European Rennaisance and Middle Ages, traditional Balkan and Irish musics, Japanese gagaku and Greek rebettika. Music in 7-limit, 11- and 17-limit just intonation performed on FM-synthesizers. Syntonic Records, 1999.
  • Arnold Dreyblatt: "Animal Magnetism". Extended just intonation on electric guitar with modified frets, bass violin, cimbalom, percussion and horn section. Tzadik Records. Tzadik TZ 7004
  • László Dubrovay: "Suite for piano and synthesizer" (1982). Uses ringmodulated sounds and a harmonic scale. On CD "Aritmia" with music from the electroacoustic music studio of the Hungarian radio. Hungaroton, 1995. HCD 31624
  • Jacques Dudon: "Lumières Audibles". Uses a photosonic process to generate harmonic intervals and microtonal scales with differential coherence. Mondes Harmoniques, 1995. MH 1
  • Pascal Dusapin: "Niobé" (1982). Performed by Ensemble 2e2m, cond. Paul Méfano; with Hélène Delavault (soprano); Christina Ascher (mezzo-soprano), Groupe Vocal de France. 2E2M collection, 1995. 2E2M 1008
  • John Eaton: "Danton and Robespierre" (1978), performed by the Indiana University Opera Theater cond. Thomas Baldner, CRI 421
  • John Eaton: "Microtonal Fantasy" for two piano's a quarter-tone apart. Mathew Rosenblum: "Continental drift" for two piano's in 19-tone e.t. George Boziwick: "Red skies at night" for quarter-tonal piano's and oboe. Constance Cooper: "Where the river turns like an elbow into dusk" for quarter-tonal piano. Played by Loretta Goldberg on "Tone Over Tone". Other works by John Cage and Sorrel Hays. Opus One 135
  • Lars Ekström: "Cry My Dreams" (1993). Performed by Jörgen Petterson, alto saxophone and Bengt-Åke Lundin, piano. On "Saxophone con forza", Phono Suecia, 1995. PSCD 81
  • The Don Ellis Orchestra: "Electric Bath" (1967). Cool bigband jazz using odd meters and quartertones. Don Ellis, trumpet and others. Columbia, 1998. CK 65522
  • Rudolf Escher: "The Long Christmas Dinner" (1960). Electronic music in the 15th root of 4. Created in the Applied Physics Laboratory of Delft Technical University. On "Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music vol. 1 1955-1966", double CD, Basta, 2008, Composers' Voice CV 7803
  • Rudolf Escher: "Sonata for Flute and Piano" (1979). The middle part, Lento, has quarter-tones. Performed by Marieke Schneemann, flute and Ralph van Raat, piano. Attacca Babel, Babel 2394
  • Ahmed Essyad: "Le cycle de l'eau" (1985-1993) for flute and piano. Performed by Pierre-Yves Artaud, flutes and Emmanuel Strosser, piano. Etcetera, 1993. KTC 1152
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  • Brian Ferneyhough: "Superscriptio" (1981) for solo piccolo. Performed by Harrie Starreveld. On CD with "La Chute d'Icare", "Intermedio alla ciacconna", "Etudes transcendentales" and "Mnemosyne" (1986). Etcetera, KTC 1070
  • Brian Ferneyhough: "Third String Quartet" (1987). Uses quarter-tones. Performed by the Arditti Quartet, with "Second String Quartet" and "Sonatas for String Quartet" and "Adagissimo". Montaigne/Auvidis, 1988. MO 789002
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  • Jean-Louis Florentz: "Asmarâ" for a capella choir, uses quarter-tones. On the CD "French Choral Music" performed by Nederlands Kamerkoor, cond. Ed Spanjaard, Globe, 2002. GLO 5215
  • Bjørn Fongaard: "Galaxy" for microtonal guitars. Performed by the composer. Aurora, 1988. NCD-B 4957
  • John Fonville: "Temporal Details". With Johnston's "Twelve Partials" (1980) for flute and microtonal piano, Brian Ferneyhough's solo piccolo work "Superscriptio" (1981), Fonville's "Music for Sarah" (1981) and flute duets "Mong Songs" (1987), Salvatore Martirano's "Phlue" (1988) for flute and yamaSALma MAC MIDI orchestra and "Terms of Temporal Detailing" (1989) by Joji Yuasa for bass flute. Performed by Virginia Gaburo, piano, Anne LaBerge, flute, John Fonville, flute. Einstein Records, 1995. EIN005. Also available from jfonville@ucsd.edu.
  • John Fonville: "Field and Stream", with The Tone Road Ramblers on "Intersections & Detours". It uses a complete 11-limit scale. Einstein Records, EIN007
  • John Fonville: "Living in Fire", Performed on a complete set of quarter tone flutes from bass flute to piccolo. Einstein Records, EIN014
  • Harold Fortuin: "Extremities" for large orchestra, on "Music from Six Continents", 1991 series, Polish Radio and TV Symphony of Krakow, Szymon Kawalla cond., Vienna Modern Masters VMM3003
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  • Lukas Foss: "Baroque Variations" (1967) for orchestra. In the part "On a Scarlatti Sonata" is a quarter-tone shift. John Gibbons, harpsichord and Sergiu Luca, violin, Nonesuch 71416-4
    Performed by Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra cond. Lukas Foss, Nonesuch 71202-4
  • John Foulds: "The Waters of Babylon (after Blake)" (1905) from "Aquarelles (Music-pictures Group 2)" op. 32. Performed by the Endellion String quartet. With quarter-tones. Pavilion Records, 1987. Pearl SHE CD 9564
  • John Foulds: "Lyra Celtica - Concerto for Voice and Orchestra" op. 50 (1917-1920), unfinished work in the microtonal 22-tone Indian scale. It's among Foulds' most beautiful and poetic works. Performed by Susan Bickley, mezzo-soprano and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra cond. Sakari Oramo. Warner Classics, 2004. 2564 61525-2
  • Renaud François: "Roseaux for flute and strings" (1997), uses quarter-tones. Performed by Benoît Fromanger, flute and the Munich Chamber Orchestra cond. Christopher Poppen. Tudor 7069
  • Roman Fruth: "Music for the 19-note scale". Pieces for prepared piano in a 19-note subset of 31-tone e.t. Concertronics, 2001.
  • Tom Fryer, Amelia Barden and Steve Heather: "Solo Duo Trio". Improvised music on guitar, oboe, sampler and percussion. Shattered Records, 1994. SHAT 001
  • Mamoru Fujieda: "The Night Chant". Combines computer-controlled synthesizer intonation with Buddhist chant, Japanese tradional instruments, Indonesian gamelan modes and Navajo text. Uses just intonation, slendro and overtone scales. Tzadik, 1995. Tzadik TZ 7003
  • Mamoru Fujieda: "Patterns of Plants". Composed completely based on data taken from plants. Combining alternate tuning systems (just intonation, Pythagorean) with traditional instruments of China and Japan (sho, koto and the ancient 25-stringed zither, the hitsu). Tzadik TZ 7025
  • Mamoru Fujieda: "Patterns of Plants II". Five chamber music suites use combinations of violin, sho and koto including one for solo violin. Tzadik TZ 8061
  • Ellen Fullman: "Body Music". Music for the 24 m. Long String Instrument. Experimental Intermedia, XI 109
  • Stephen Funk Pearson: "Mummychogs". For four guitars with a temporary bridge fitted under the 12th fret. Performed by The JAM Quartet: Matts Kulvik, Paul Pajarinen, Juha-Pekka Putkonen and Kari Rantanen. BIS, 1998. BIS-CD-977
  • Paul Gallagher: "Prowling the Interior". Microtonal music for voice and electronics in just intonation, performed by the composer, 1995.
  • Kyle Gann: "Custer's Ghost". Electronic music using 11-limit JI with 20 to 31 pitches/oct., Partch's 43-tone scale combined with a septimal eight-tone diatonic scale, etc. Monroe Street Music, 1999.
  • Kyle Gann: "Custer and Sitting Bull". New World Records, 2018.
  • Kyle Gann: "Hyperchromatica". Work for three computer-controlled Disklavier pianos, double CD. Other Minds, OM 1025-2, 2018.
  • Kyle Gann: "Beyond 12, reinventing the piano", Aron Kallay, piano. Microfest Records, MF 16, 2012.
  • Sander Germanus: "Lunapark". Microtonal chamber music performed by Calefax Rietkwintet, Quatuor Danel; Asko|Schönberg, conductor Reinbert de Leeuw; Raaf Hekkema saxophone, Antje Lohse mezzo soprano. Etcetera, 2011. KTC 1389
  • Monroe Golden: "A Still Subtler Spirit". Music for chamber ensembles in various microtonal tuning systems. Performed by Rusty Banks, guitars; Donnie Ashworth, flutes; Doug Bristol, trombone; Kurt Carpenter, conductor; Gene Fambrough, percussion; Kevin Grigsby, piano; Adam Bowles, piano; Kathryn Venable, mezzo-soprano. CD Baby, 2003.
  • Monroe Golden: "Alabama Places". Twelve duets for piano and microtonal keyboard, each somehow connected to a place in Alabama. Performed by Ellen Tweiten, piano and Kurt Carpenter, keyboard. Bonus MP3: In Pell City (with performance poetry by Linda Frost). Innova, 2007. Innova 680 CD
  • Malcolm Goldstein: "Goldstein plays Goldstein" live at Dacapo in Bremen '94. Four new works for solo violin by this remarkable violinist/improviser/composer. Includes the microtonal "Ishi >>man waxati<< soundings" based on the songs of Ishi, last living member of the Yahi people of northern California. d'c records, d'c 2.
  • Malcolm Goldstein: "Sounding the New Violin" with his own "Sounding the Fragility of Line" (1988). He also plays a solo-violin version of John Cage's "Eight Whiskus" (1985), James Tenney's microtonal "Koan" (1971), and works by Pauline Oliveros, Ornette Coleman, and Philip Corner. Non Sequitur / What Next WN 0005. O.O. Discs 47
  • Malcolm Goldstein: "Hardscrabble Songs". Goldstein, violin and voice; Quatuor Bozzini: Clemens Merkel and Geneviève Beaudry, violin; Stéphanie Bozzini, viola; Isabelle Bozzini, cello. in situ, 2005. IS 238
  • Annie Gosfield: "The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory" for chamber ensemble (1995). Uses quarter-tones on a sampler. On the Bang On A Can no. 3 CD "Cheating, Lying, Stealing". Sony Classical, 1995. SK 62254
  • Annie Gosfield: "Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires". Influenced by Harry Partch, Sun Ra and San Francisco's Musee Mechanique's collection of old nickelodeons and player pianos, she presents a new view of microtonal music. The sounds of a percussion factory, a destroyed piano and an abandoned guitar are twisted into sophisticated compositions incorporating tuned and detuned instruments, traditional and non-traditional techniques, composition and improvisation. Also included a composition for saxophone quartet performed by the Rova Saxophone Quartet. Tzadik. TZ 7040
  • Annie Gosfield: "Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery" (2000), performed by the Flux String Quartet and Talujon Percussion Quartet, and "EWA7" (1999) which uses electronics, electric guitar, drums and metal factory percussion. Tzadik. TZ 7069
  • Annie Gosfield: "Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites". Four crazy pieces incorporating satellite sounds, static, machine noise and microtonality with virtuosic fireworks from some of the best performers in America today, including Joan Jeanrenaud and the Flux string quartet. Tzadik. TZ 8007
  • Kraig Grady and Brad Laner: "Music from the Island of Anaphoria". Uses Erv Wilson's Eikosany as well as Wilson's Meta Slendro and Meta Mavila. Bzang Editions. BZANG 0003
  • Kraig Grady: "From the Interiors of Anaphoria". A musical survey of many of the instruments of Anaphoria in solo as well as ensemble pieces ranging from the mediative to the explosive. Bzang Editions, 1998. BZANG 0002
  • Kraig Grady: "Anaphoria-The Creation of the Worlds". A 70 min large ensemble that takes the listener into the centreless world of Wilson's Eikosany. The best example of the use of simple consonances forming a harmonic environment without tonality. Bzang Editions, 1998. BZANG 0004
  • Kraig Grady: "The stolen stars: an Anaphorian dance drama", Bzang Editions, 2003.
  • Kraig Grady: "Gending Aptos", on "soundCd no. 2", soundNet, 2004. Also contains James Tenney: "Ergodos II", performed by William Winant.
  • Sofia Gubaidulina: "Quaternion" (1996) for 4 cellists, uses quartertones. Performed by Alexander Ivashkin, Natalia Palutskaya, Rachel Johnston and Miranda Wilson, cello. Chandos, 2002. CHAN 9958
  • Alfred Guisto: "Peace Cow (it's not a habit, I'm used to it)", a short orchestral work dedicated to fellow microtonal composer Michael Malone, who died recently of AIDS, and John Fugarino: "Riding on a Cloud". Performed by the Slovak Radio Orchestra conducted by Robert Stankovsky. On MMC New Century Volume II. MMC Recordings MMC2017
  • Georg Friedrich Haas: "Hommage à György Ligeti" (1985) for quarter-tone piano. Performed by Marino Formenti, on the CD "Nothing is real" with music by Furrer, Cage, Sciarrino, Haubenstock-Ramati and Lucier, Col legno 20223
  • Georg Friedrich Haas: "1. Streichquartett" (1997). On CD together with "Einklang freier Wesen", "..." and "Nacht-Schatten", performed by Klangforum Wien cond. Sylvain Cambreling, Edition Zeit-ton ORF 194
  • Georg Friedrich Haas: Streichquartette Nr. 1 und 2. Performed by the Kairos Quartett. Edition Zeitklang, 2004. EZ 19017
  • Alois Hába: String Quartets 7, 8, 13, 15 and 16 played by the Suk Quartet. The 15th is in 24-tone e.t. and the 16th in 31-tone e.t. (not 30 as often believed). Also includes nonets 1 and 4 played by Czech Nonet. Praga, 1992. PR 255 005 CM 210
  • Alois Hába: Complete String Quartets (1-16). Op. 4, 7, 12, 14, 15, 37, 70, 73, 76, 79, 80, 87, 90, 92, 94, 95, 98, 101. Performed by the Stamitz-Quartett and Radovan Lukavsky, speaker. Bayer Records, 2006. 4 CD box, BR 100282 - BR 100285
  • Alois Hába: Quarter-tone opera "Matka" (Mother) (1927/1930), opera in 10 scenes, op. 35. Performed by Prague National Theatre Soloist, Orch. and Chorus cond. Jirí Jirous. Jirí Pokorny, quarter-tone piano. Vlasta Urbanová, Marcela Lemarlová, soprano, Marta Sandtnerová, mezzo-soprano, Eva Zikmundová, alto. Recorded at the Domovina studio, Prague in October and November 1964. Supraphon SUP 108258-2 612. Double CD with libretto.
  • Alois Hába: Centenary edition. "Symphonic Fantasy for piano and orchestra" op. 8, "The Path of Life", "New Earth, Overture to the Opera" op. 47, String quartet nr. 11 in sixth-tone system op. 87, String quartet nr. 12 in quarter-tone system op. 90, String quartet nr. 16 in fifth-tone system, op. 98, Sonata for quarter-tone piano, op. 62. Other works for orchestra and solo instruments. Performed by a.o. Novak Quartet, Czech Nonet, Vladimir Koula, piano, Herman, Seidl, Masier, Vanek and Suk. 3 CD. Supraphon SUP 111865-2
  • Alois Hába: Violin works. "Fantasy for violin solo in quarter-tone system" op. 9a, "Fantasy for violin and quarter-tone piano" op. 21, "Suite for violin solo in quarter-tone system" op. 93, and other twelve-tone works. Antonín Novák, violin; Jan Vedra, piano; Vojtech Spurny, quarter-tone piano. Supraphon, 1997. SU 3335-2 131
  • Alois Hába: Fantasia no. 10, op. 31, Quarter-Tone Grand Piano, 1924 - August Förster, performed by Jirikov and Karel Reiner. On the CD "300 Years with the Pianoforte", HF0005-2, 1999
  • Georg Hajdu: "Der Sprung" (1999). The first scene of this opera, describing a dialogue between two university professors who are the victims of a shooting, is written in the Bohlen-Pierce scale. NRW Vertrieb.
  • Cristobal Halffter: "Debla". Uses quarter-tones. On the CD "Flöte, Avantgarde: Irmela Nolte, Flöte", Cavalli-Records MP 1001.
  • Peter Michael Hamel: "Mandala" for prepared piano on the double CD "Transition", Kuckuck, 1983. 12063-2. Also on CD "Let it Play/Selected Pieces". Kuckuck 11078-2
  • Jeffrey Harrington: "Two Movements from the ACID BACH suite" in 24-tone e.t. MUSENET, 1992. CD 2. The first movement can be downloaded from the homepage at the preceding link.
  • Jeffrey Harrington: "Jardin des Merveilles", MP3.com CD, 2000.
  • Lou Harrison: "Serenade" (1978) for guitar with a percussion player. In an 8-note just tuning. On the CD "Music for guitar and percussion" with music by Lou Harrison played by John Schneider on well-tempered guitar. Etcetera, 1990. KTC 1071
    On the CD "The Perilous Chapel" with music of Harrison played by David Tanenbaum. New Albion, 1993. NA055
  • Lou Harrison: "Suite" (1942), "Fugue" (1941), "Double Music" (1941), "Song of Queztecoatl" (1940) and "Labrynth no. 3" (1941), performed by Maelström Percussion Ensemble, cond. Jan Williams on the CD "Labrynth". Hat Hut Records, 2000. hat[now]ART 105
  • Lou Harrison: "Complete Harpsichord Works, Music for Tack Piano and Fortepiano". Performed by Linda Burman-Hall. New Albion NA117
  • Michael Harrison: "From Ancient Worlds" for Harmonic Piano. New Albion NA042
  • Michael Harrison: "In Flight", piano music in just tuning and e.t., Fortuna Records/Celestial Harmonies, 1992.
  • Michael Harrison: "Revelation" for piano tuned by just fifths and harmonic sevenths, live recording, Michael Harrison Music, 2001. MHM101
  • Jonathan Harvey: "Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco" (1980). Non-equal, non-just tuning derived from Fourier analysis of the partials of the great bell of Winchester Cathedral plus the composer's son's voice singing the text inscribed on the bell: Horas avolantes numero mortuos plango vivos ad preces voco. Composed at IRCAM.
    Computer Music Currents vol. 5, Wergo WER 2025-50 (On the same disc: "FMelodies II" by Mesias Maiguashca which uses sets of 120 timbres above two fundamentals, a low C# and its 17th overtone. "Wind Chimes" by Dennis Smalley, "Nekiya" by Gareth Loy and "Jardin Secret I" by Kaija Saariaho.)
    "Mortuos Plango, .." is also available together with music performed by the Ensemble InterContemporain conducted by Pierre Boulez. Erato, 1983. ECD 88261
  • Jonathan Harvey: "Bhakti" for chamber ensemble and quadraphonic tape (1982). Performed by Spectrum, cond. Guy Protheroe. NMC Recordings Ltd., 1989. NMC D001
  • Jonathan Harvey: "The Valley of Aosta", for several instruments, 2 DX7 and percussion. Ensemble Musique Nouvelle, Georges-Elie Octors, cond. On "Ars Musica '90". Inspired by Turner's painting. Two harps and two synthesizers are tuned a quarter-tone apart. Ricercar, 1990. RIC 073052
  • Jonathan Harvey: "Ritual Melodies" (1990) for quadraphonic tape. Harmonic series 1-36 using additive timbres that mutate into one another. "Nataraja" (1983) for doubling piccolo and piano, performed by Harrie Starreveld and René Eckhardt. "From Silence" (1988) for soprano, violin, viola, percussion, keyboards, computer and tape. On the CD "The Music of Jonathan Harvey", Bridge Records, 1992. BCD 9031
    "Nataraja" performed by Tokashi Endo and Jun Shiraishi on "Music Today" selections WWCC 7109
  • Jonathan Harvey: "Curve with Plateaux", "Concerto for Cello & Orchestra", "Philia's Dream" and "Three Sketches for solo Cello". Performed by Frances-Marie Uitti, cello & Toscanini Symphony Orchestra. Etcetera, 1993. KTC 1148
  • Jonathan Harvey: "Curve with Plateaux", "Three sketches", "Chant" and "Advaya", on the CD "Oevres pour violoncelle" with Benjamin Carat, cello. Assai, 2002. Assai 222 242
  • Jonathan Harvey and Frances-Marie Uitti: "Imaginings". Synthesizer and cello improvisations. Chill-Out Records / Planet Blue Records, 1996.
  • Edu Haubensack: "Konzert in neuer Stimmung", performed by Basel Sinfonietta, Jost Meier cond., Gertrud Schneider and Tomas Baechli, pianos. CD Dokumental 930516
  • Neil Haverstick: "The Gate. Featuring the 19-tone guitar". 19-tone and 12-tone rock music. Neil Haverstick Productions, 1994.
  • Neil Haverstick: "Acoustic Stick". 19-tone and 34-tone acoustic jazz fusion on guitar. Neil Haverstick Productions, 1997.
  • Neil Haverstick: "Other Worlds". Four longer pieces in 34, 19 and 12-tone equal temperament with electronic space effects and one duet on fretless guitar with John Starrett on StarrBoard. Neil Haverstick Productions, 1999.
  • Neil Haverstick: "If the Earth was a Woman". A collection of microtonal country, hard rock, reggae and blues. Nine pieces for 34, 19, 12-tone and fretless guitars. Neil Haverstick Productions, 2002.
  • Neil Haverstick: "Stick Man". Instrumental music in 19 and 34-tone e.t., mixed styles. Performed by Ernie Crews, drums and percussion and Haverstick on electric guitars and basses. Neil Haverstick Productions, 2005.
  • Neil Haverstick: "Mysterious Female". 11 Pieces for 19 and 12-tone and just-tuned fretless guitars with guitar synth and electronic effects. Neil Haverstick Productions, 2007.
  • Hans Werner Henze: "El Cimarrón" (1969-70) for baritone, flute, guitar & percussion. Uses quarter-tones. P. Yoder (baritone), M. Faust (flute), R. Evers (guitar), Mircea Ardeleanu (percussion). Koch Schwann 314030
  • Hexnut: "Hexnut". Composed by Ned McGowan, Frederik Thorendal, Tomas Haake and Tom Waits. Performed by Hexnut, orchestra; Susanna Borsch; Stephie Büttrich; Gijs Levelt and Ere Lievonen. Mix of classical, jazz, improv and metal. Karnatic Lab Records, 2007.
  • Lejaren Hiller: "Computer Music Retrospective (1957-1985)". First piece contains a movement in 31-tone equal temperament. Wergo WER 60128-50
  • Erik Hinds: "Reign In Blood". Played on quartertone electric guitar and H'arpeggione, an upright acoustic instrument with 12 sympathetic strings. CD Baby 2005.
  • Edward Hines: "An American in Istanbul", chamber works in new maqams. Edward Hines Music, 1999.
  • Rozalie Hirs: "article 0 [transarctic buddha]" (2000), for solo percussion: pitched metals and pitched natural stones. Performed by Arnold Marinissen, percussion. On "Rozalie Hirs > Platonic ID", Attacca, 2007. Attacca 27107
  • Noriko Hisada: "Prognostication" (1990). Performed by the Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich. Hat Hut Records, 2006, hat(now)ART 163
  • Marcus Hobbs or Marcus Satellite & K Blu: "From On High", Perfect Buzz Music, 1998
  • Heinz Holliger: "Quintet for winds" in 24-tone e.t. Accord 2001922 MU 750
  • Heinz Holliger: "Scardanelli Zyklus", für Solo-Flöte, kleines Orchester und gemischten Chor, performed by Ensemble Modern. Contains quarter-tones and eighth-tones. Double-CD. ECM 78118-21472-2
  • Bill Hopkins, works performed by Alison Wells, soprano, Richard Bernas cond., Music Projects/London, NMC D014
  • James Horton: "I Heard a Thousand Blended Notes" and "Xenakis meets Partch" 17-Limit just intonation algorithmic textural compositions on synthesizer. On the CD "Simulated Winds and Cries". Artifact Recordings, 1996. ART 1013
  • Sten Höstfält: "29 Pieces for the Microtonal Guitar: Live at the Knitting Factory New York". Sten Höstfält plays free avant-garde jazz on microtonal guitar and electronica, g-wOW, 2004, g-wOW 1215
  • Luc Houtkamp: "The Field Recordings 1 - Live in Genève & Luzern 1994". Luc Houtkamp, alto and tenor saxophone. X-OR, 1994. X-OR FR 1
  • Klaus Huber: "Schwarzerde". Theatre work in 9 sequences, uses third tones. Performed by Chor des Theater Basel and Sinfonieorchester Basel. Musikszene Schweiz, 2001. CD 6185 (2 CDs)
  • David Hykes: "Hearing solar winds". Performed by the Harmonic Choir. Ocora, 1980.
  • Calin Ioachimescu: "Celliphonia" (1988). Spectral music for cello, performed by Anca Vartolomei, cello. On "Rumanian Anthology", Attacca Babel 9266-5
  • Regina Irman: "Melodie, Fassung für Vierteltongitarre" (1985) and "Sculptures (for Bruce Nauman) für Vierteltongambenquartett" (1997), the first for quartertone guitar, the second for quartertone viol quartet. MGB CTS-M 62 (also from CPO).
  • Charles Ives: "Three Quarter Tone Pieces" (1903-1923) for 2 pianos. Played by Gerard Bouwhuis and Cees van Zeeland. Channel Classics, 1992. CCS 4592
    Also played by Herbert Henck and Deborah Richards on Wergo WER 60112-50
    Also on "PIANO ARTissimo. Piano Music of Our Century", 4 CDs. Wergo, 1992. WER 6221-2
    Played by the American Festival of Microtonal Music Ensemble on "Between the keys", Newport Classics, 1992. NPD 85526-2
    Played by Alexei Lubimov and Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Erato 0630-14638-2
    Played by Josef Christof and Steffen Schleiermacher, Hat Hut Records, 2006, hat(now)ART 143. Also on this CD Charles Ives: "Three Page Sonata" (1905).
  • Charles Ives: "Universe Symphony" for orchestra. Realization/completion of this unfinished symphony by Johnny Reinhard. Live recording, AFMM Orchestra, Johnny Reinhard cond. Lincoln Center, New York, 1996. CDBaby, 2005.
  • Pierre Jansen: Music for the film "Le Boucher" by Claude Chabrol. Uses 1/3 tones. Emarcy/Universal Music France 017176-2
  • Willem Jeths: "Mythos" (1992), played by Annelie de Man. In a 24-note tuning. On "The Contemporary Harpsichord"; other compositions by Grímsson, Bruins, de Vries, de Man and Bruynèl. 1994, NM Classics 92038
  • Willem Jeths: "Glenz" (1993). Peter Brunt, violin and Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam cond. Lev Markiz. 1995, NM Classics 92041
  • Willem Jeths: "Bella Figura" (2000) for violoncello solo, performed by John Addison. "Chiasmos" (2000) for piano trio, performed by the Osiris Trio: Peter Brunt, violin; Ellen Corver, piano and Larissa Groeneveld, violoncello. On "Bella Figura", NorthWest Classics, hybrid stereo Super Audio CD, 2002. NWC 202090
  • Aaron Johnson and Andy Hasenpflug: "Divide by Pi". Music on synthesizer and percussion using microtonal and just tunings. 2004.
  • Aaron Johnson and Andy Hasenpflug (Divide by Pi): "Ice Ritual". Experimental electronic music. divide by pi music, 2005.
  • Ben Johnston: "String Quartet No. 4 (Amazing Grace)" (1973). Played by the Kronos Quartet on "White Man Sleeps". Elektra-Nonesuch, 1987. 7559-79163-2
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  • Ben Johnston: "String Quartet No. 9" (1987) played by the Stanford String Quartet. Laurel Records LR 847CD
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  • Ben Johnston: "Music for Piano" with "Sonata for Microtonal Piano" (1964), "Suite for Microtonal Piano" (1977) and "Saint Joan" (1955) played by Phillip Bush. The Sonata uses a 81-note tuning with almost no consonant octaves. Koch International Classics, 1997. Koch 3-7369-2-H1
  • Ben Johnston: "Ponder Nothing", chamber music performed by Music Amici. Contains "Gambit" in extended just intonation, "Trio" for clarinet, violin and cello, "Ponder Nothing" in a 13-limit scale, "Five Fragments" in 5-limit just intonation and other pieces. New World Records, 1993. NEW 80432-2
  • Ben Johnston: "Calamity Jane to Her Daughter" (1990) on "Dora Ohrenstein: Urban Diva" with Dora Ohrenstein, soprano. Probably the best performed intonation of Johnston. Complete 13-limit. CRI Emergency Music series, 1993. CRI 654
  • Marc Jones: "Over Seas. Cyberenaissance, vol. 6" (2002). Electroacoustic microtonal music with a mostly electric string quartet in 32-tone e.t. followed by a suite in 49 played against 22, then 29, 31, and 26. Orphon Soul, Inc.
  • Hans de Jong: "Le rêve et la folie" for saxophone solo. A piece with extremes of pitch, dynamic contrast, quarter-tone steps and giant leaps. Kees van Unen: "... and the world doesn't own me ..." for saxophone solo. A work in three parts featuring overtone constellations and quarter-tones. On "Vintage of European Saxophone Music, Volume 1 / The Netherlands" with Hans de Jong, saxophone and Paul Hermsen, piano. Other works by Lex van Delden, Joop Voorn, Jan van Dijk, Henk Badings and Chiel Meijering. Sound-Products Holland, Fidelio 8849
  • Mauricio Kagel: "Sextet for strings" (1953-1957). Uses quarter-tones. Performed by Atelier Instrumental d'Expression Contemporaine Région Nord-Pas-de-Calais (L'Europe Musicale D'Aujourd'hui), REM, 1993. REM 311180
  • Harold Kelt: "Gematria", 17 multi-temperament microtonal compositions in tunings of 20, 26, 33 and 39-tone equal divisions of the octave, CdStreet.com, 2002.
  • Buzz Kimball: "Early Improvisations". Novosonic 001
  • Buzz Kimball: "31 ET and Harmonic Guitar". Novosonic 002
  • Buzz Kimball: "Steel Cello and Microtonal Guitar Improvisations". Novosonic 003
  • Buzz Kimball: "31 ET Guitar Improvisations". Novosonic 004
  • Buzz Kimball: "Meditation Program". Novosonic 005
  • King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard: "Flying Microtonal Banana". Cook Craig, microtonal guitars; Eric Moore, percussion; Joey Walker, microtonal guitars; Lucas Skinner, microtonal bass guitar; Stu Mackenzie, microtonal guitars, synthesizer, zurna; Michael Cavanagh, percussion, and Ambrose Kenny-Smith, microtonal harmonica, vocals. Heavenly Recordings, PIAS, 2017. HVNLP136CD
  • Gideon Klein: "Duo for violin and viola" (1940), written in the quarter-tone system. Performed by Serge Garcia and Françoise Gneri. On CD by Ensemble 2e2m with Paul Méfano, Arion, 1994. Arion 68272
  • Hans van Koolwijk: "Bambuso Sonoro". Van Koolwijk built a gigantic bamboo machine with pipes blown by an electric wind machine and directed with an ingenious control panel. It contains 147 pipes ranging from 7 m. long to a few cm. He builds microtonal structures for sensitive ears. Pan Records 9901
  • Jaron Lanier: "Come Along" in a Sudanese tuning on CD "Instruments of Change".
  • Steven Lantner, Joe Maneri and Joe Morris: "Voices Lowered". Joe Maneri on saxophone and Steven Lantner playing two pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart on tracks 1 and 7. Leo Records CD LR 317
  • Steven Lantner and Mat Maneri: "Reaching", Steven Lantner on acoustic piano and variable-pitch digital piano. Leo Records, Leo Lab CD 062
  • Elodie Lauten: "Tronik Involutions". She experimented with poly-microtonality with custom-built and -tuned instruments (lyre, harp, harpsichord, synthesizer and piano). And she developed a style that she calls Universal Mode Improvisation. 1996. O.O. Discs 27
  • Oscar Leal and David Aviles: "1973 Comet". On Americana Volume 1 - Vox Populi, Citizen Kafka.
  • Brian Lee: "Walk in Beauty". Uses Schlesinger tunings. Naked Light, 2011. NL310CD
  • Ton de Leeuw: "Car nos vignes sont en fleurs" (1981) for 12-voice mixed choir. Written in commision of Radio France for Atelier Vocal de Radio France. Awarded with the Matthijs Vermeulen Prize. It uses non-octave modes mixing 3/4-tones with whole tones, a technique he called "extended modality". On the CD "Choral Works" by the Netherlands Chamber Choir conducted by Ed Spanjaard. Contains also "Cloudy Forms" (1970) on a Chinese poem by Shi Tao (1641-1717), with quarter-tones and other works. NM Classics, 2000. NM Classics 92102
  • Steve Lehman: "Mise en Abîme". Synthesis of spectral harmony and jazz improvisation. Pi Recordings, 2014. Pi54
  • Michael Levinas: "Par-delà ..." (1994). A piece for orchestra, consisting of four different groups, two of them using pianos tuned in microtones. On the CD "Donaueschinger Musiktage 1994", Col legno WWE 3CD 31882
  • David Mingyue Liang: "Music of a Thousand Springs" (1986) for orchestra and replica of ancient Chinese bells. Played by the Shanghai Film Orchestra. On the CD "Terry Riley: In C", Celestial Harmonies, 1989. 13026-2
  • György Ligeti: "Doppelkonzert" (1972) for flute, oboe and orchestra. Jacques Zoon, flute; Douglas Boyd, oboe; The Chamber Orchestra of Europe cond. Claudio Abbado. Deutsche Grammophon, 1997. DG 449215
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    Version for string orchestra performed by Das Sinfonie-Orchester des Südwestfunks, Baden-Baden cond. Ernest Bour. On the same CD the version for 12 string players. Wergo, 1993. WER 60162
  • György Ligeti: "Violin Concerto" (1992). Uses micro-intervals to colour diatonic melody and harmony. Frank Peter Zimmermann, violin; Asko Ensemble and Schönberg Ensemble cond. Reinbert de Leeuw, The Ligeti Project III, Teldec Classics, 2002. 8573-87631-2
  • György Ligeti: "Hamburg Concerto" (1998/99,2003) for solo horn and chamber orchestra with 4 obligato natural horns. Uses harmonics 2 to 16. Marie Luise Neunecker, horn; Sybille Mahni, Simon Breyer, Thomas Bernstein, Ozan Çakar, natural horns; Asko Ensemble cond. Reinbert de Leeuw, The Ligeti Project IV, Teldec Classics, 2003. 8573-88263-2
  • György Ligeti: "Sonate pour alto seul / Sonata for solo viola" on the sampler CD "Ligeti/Prokofiev/Roslavets/Takemitsu - Lawrence Power, viola", Harmonia Mundi HMN 911756: according two the liner notes "... in the first movement ... Ligeti develops an imaginary folklore that includes both microtonal intonations and a fragment of a 'gipsy' scale."
  • Jacky Ligon: "Galunlati: Ancient Sounds in a Modern World". Electronic music with percussion by Bill Smith and vocals by Richard Hunt and Ghighua. Jacky Ligon, 2001. ligonj@northstate.net
  • Jacky Ligon and Matthew Cooper: "Symmetries" (2011). 7-limit electronic music, downloadable album, 2011.
  • Alvin Lucier: "Crossings". Lovely Music, 1990, LCD 1018
  • Charles Lucy: "LucyTuned Lullabies II". LucyScaleDevelopments, 2004.
  • Witold Lutoslawsky: "Sacher Variation" (1975). Performed by Taco Kooistra, cello. Ladder of Escape 6, Attacca Babel, 1993. Babel 9369-1
  • Roderik de Man: "Entanglements" (1988, rev. 1992) for recorders and tape, performed by Jettie Ouwehand, recorders. "Momentum" (1991) for bass clarinet, Harry Sparnaay; harpsichord, Annelie de Man and tape. "Vision" (1994) for tape. On CD "Visions", Erasmus Producties, 1994. WVH141
  • Joseph Maneri: "Three Men Walking". Jazz in 72-tone equal temperament. Joe Maneri: clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, piano; Joe Morris: electric guitar; Mat Maneri: electric 6 string violin. ECM 1597, 78118-21597-2
  • Joseph Maneri: "In Full Cry". The musical exchanges between Joe and his son Mat (on electric 6-string violin) - employing the grammar of Father Maneri's 72-notes-per-octave microtonal system - are like nothing else in jazz. ECM 1617, 78118-21617-2
  • Joseph Maneri: "Get Ready to Receive Yourself". Improvisations by the Maneri Quartet. Leo Lab.
  • Joseph Maneri: "Paniots Nine" (1961), Avant, 1998.
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  • Joseph Maneri, Mat Maneri and Barre Phillips: "Tales of Rohnlief", Joe Maneri: alto and tenor saxophones, clarinet, piano, voice; Barre Phillips: double-bass; Mat Maneri: electric 6-string and baritone violins, ECM 1678
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  • Philippe Manoury: "Inharmonies". Choral music performed by ensemble Accentus cond. Laurence Equilbey. Naïve V 5217
  • Igor Markevitch: "L'Envol d'Icare" (1932), for quarter-tone pianos and percussion. Performed by Christopher Lyndon-Gee and Kolja Lessing, piano and Franz Lang, Jens Gagelmann and Raphael Häger, percussion. Largo Records, 2001. Largo 5127
  • Laurent Martin: "Tranquillo barbaro", "Italiques", "Stentor", "Narcisse" and "Miniatures", performed by Ensemble 2e2m cond. Paul Méfano, Disques Assai.
  • Benedict Mason: "The Four Slopes of Twice among Gliders of her Gravity". Two Steinway model D pianos, two Ampico player pianos and one human being. Donaueschingen. Col legno WWE 3CD 20026
  • Cecil McBee: "Mutima". Strata-East SECD 9009, Sound-Service Bellaphon 660-51-006
  • Willie McBlind: "Find My Way Back Home". Debut CD from NYC-based blues band Willie McBlind features 10 songs performed in 64-tone JI, 12-Tone Ultra Plus and Fretless. A progressive blues fusion evokes Harmonic Clouds over the delta. With Jon Catler, guitars and vocals; Babe Borden, vocals; Neville L'Green, bass; Chris Nappi, drums. FreeNote Music, 2007.
  • Bill Meadows: "Strands". In 12 and 19-tone equal temperament for electronic instruments. Daagnim Records. Also available from Bill Meadows, 5001 Convict Hill Road #506, Austin TX 78749, USA
  • Rajesh Mehta and Paul Lovens: "Orka: Solos and Duos". Jazz on trumpet, bass trumpet, 'hybrid' trumpet and extensions, slide trumpet, drums and cymbals. Hat Hut Records, hatOLOGY 524
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  • Micro-East Collective: "062099". Umbrella Recordings, 1999.
  • Christopher Mohr: "From The Realm of the Shadow" - a music drama in three acts. National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, cond. Theodore Kuchar; National Choir of Ukraine, dir. Evgeny Savtchouk. Uses a wide range of styles and microtonality. Double CD, Naxos, 1998. Naxos 8.559089-90
  • Frederick Moore: "Lives of the Saints", Studio Epochula, 1994.
  • Frederick Moore: "An Obscure Presence", Studio Epochula, 1999.
  • Frederick Moore: "13th Idiot Blessed", Studio Epochula, 2003.
  • Virgil Moorefield: "The Temperature in Hell is Over Three Thousand Degrees". In this CD, he blends minimalism, microtonal tunings, and improvisation. The title comes from one of a series of religious leaflets pasted on lampposts in lower Manhattan. Actually, the temperature of this music is pretty high. Tzadik. TZ 7026
  • Dexter Morrill: "Quartet (1985)", 2nd movement. 13-tone e.t. Computer music in extended just intonation. Larry Polansky: "V'leem'shol (And to rule ...)" for five flutes. CDCM Computer Music Series vol. 11, "The Virtuoso in the Computer Age - II". Centaur Records, 1992. CRC 2133
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  • Ben Neill: "Money Talk" (1987) for mutantrumpet, percussion, computer-controlled electronics and tape. Performed by S.E.M. Ensemble. On CD "Virtuosity with Purpose", Ear-Rational, 1992. ECD 1034
  • Phill Niblock: " Four Full Flutes". Minimalist sampled non-stop looped flutes with micro-intervals. Experimental Intermedia, XI 101
  • Phill Niblock: "Music by Phill Niblock". Contains "Five More String Quartets" and "Early Winter". Works for layered string quartets, flute, bass flute, sampler and synthesizer. Experimental Intermedia, XI 111
  • Luigi Nono: "Prometeo - Tragedia dell'ascolto" (1984, rev. 1985). With quarter-tones. Performed by Ingo Metzmacher et al. Double CD EMI 7243 5 55209 2 0
    Also on Sony Classical, 1993. SK 53978
  • Luigi Nono: "A Carlo Scarpa, architetto, ai suoi infiniti possibili" (1984) and "No hay camonos, hay que caminar... Andrei Tarkovski". With quarter-tones. Michael Gielen, Sinfonieorchester des Südwestfunks, Astrée, 1990. E8741
    Also on Col legno, AU 31819
  • Juhani Nuorvala: "What's a nice Chord Like You Doing in a Piece Like This?". Contains Three Impromptus (2000), String Quartet No. 2 with second movement partly in JI and String Quartet No. 1 'Dancescapes' which uses quartertones. BIS Records, 2000. BIS CD-1107
  • Maurice Ohana: "Tombeau de Claude Debussy" (1961-1962) for soprano, zither and chamber orchestra. Zither in 1/3-tone. Timpany Records, 1C1044
  • Maurice Ohana: "Signes" (1965) for small instrumental ensemble, zither in 1/3-tone, played by Monique Rollin with Ensemble Ars Nova de O.R.T.F., cond. Marius Constant. Erato 2292-45503-2
  • Maurice Ohana: "Lys de madrigaux" (1976) for female choir, piano, zither, organ and percussion. Zither in 1/3-tone played by Laure Morabito with Ensemble vocal Musicatreize cond. Roland Hayrabedian. Opus 111, 1994. OPS 30-109
  • Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaiotis: "Deep Listening" for accordion, voice, metal pieces, trombone, didjeridu, garden hose and metal pipes. New Albion, 1989. NA022
  • Pauline Oliveros and Reynols: "Pauline Oliveros in the arms of Reynols". Pauline Oliveros' beautiful and haunting drone music is heard here in the heights of perfection: Argentinian band Reynols has reconstructed and recomposed her massive solo accordion source tapes to give a result that is at once scintillating and at times bewildering and brutal outbursts of "Reynolian" expressions that cling to the ear's memory long after listening. Creamgarden Records, 2001. CGR04
  • Jan Wouter Oostenrijk: "We are connected". Quartertone guitar music with North-African influences. Jan Wouter Oostenrijk, electric quartertone guitar; Marco van den Akker, fretless bass and Bas Bouma, drums. Mountain Records, 2017. CD MOU 4566
  • Osso Exótico: "Musica #1". Portuguese group that uses a didgeridoo, Jewish harp and "percuted maranhophone" for microtonal structures in parallel with conventional instruments for chord structures. Staalplaat, 1993. kip 004
  • Jimmy Page and Robert Plant: "Walking into Clarksdale". Rock music with microtonal oriental influence. Mercury & Polygram, 1998.
  • Gérard Pape: "Electroacoustic Chamber Works", Pape sites these compositions as influenced by Xenakis, Giacinto Scelsi and Julio Estrada. Indeed, they combine the power of Xenakis with the microtonal explorations of Scelsi. Mode Records, Mode 67
  • Harry Partch: "The Music of Harry Partch" contains "And on the Seventh Day, Petals fell in Petaluma" (1963-64, rev. 1966), "Castor and Pollux" (1952), "Windsong" (1958) and the final scene and epilogue of "The Bewitched" (1955). CRI, 1989. CRI CD 7000
  • Harry Partch: "The Harry Partch Collection". Vol. 1 contains Eleven Intrusions (1949-50), principal vocals: Harry Partch; Plectra & Percussion Dances - Satyr-Play Music for Dance Theatre (1952): Castor & Pollux, Ring Around the Moon, Even Wild Horse, Gate 5 Ensemble (Sausalito), Horace Schwartz cond.; Ulysses at the Edge (1955), Gate 5 Ensemble (Evanston). CRI 751
    Vol. 2 contains U.S. Highball - A Musical Account of a Transcontinental Hobo Trip (1943, 1955); San Francisco - a Setting of the Cries of Two Newsboys on a Foggy Night in the Twenties (1943, 1955); The Letter (1943, 1972); Barstow - Eight Hitchhiker Inscriptions from a Highway Railing at Barstow, California (1941, 1968); And on The Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma (1963-64, 1966), The Gate 5 Ensemble directed by Harry Partch. CRI 752
    Vol. 3 contains The Dreamer That Remains - A Study in Living (1972); Windsong (1958); Rotate the Body in All Its Planes - Ballad for Gymnasts (1961); Water! Water! - An Intermission with Prologues and Epilogues (1961). CRI 753
    Vol. 4 contains The Bewitched - A Dance Satire (1954), Cast, chorus and ensemble conducted by John Garvey, recording in 1957 at the University of Illinois. CRI 754 (previous CRI CD 7001)
  • Harry Partch: "Revelation in the Courthouse Park" (1960) for 16 solo voices, 4 speakers and large instrumental ensemble. Performed by Costallos, Durham and Earle. Rhino, 1991. R2 70390
    Another performance from 1987 supervised by Danlee Mitchell and composer Eric Salzman is on a double CD of Tomato, 1993. Tomato 2696552
  • Harry Partch: "17 Lyrics by Li Po for voice and adapted viola" (1931) performed by Stephen Kalm, intoning voice and Ted Mook, tenor violin. Tzadik, 1995. Tzadik TZ 7012
  • Harry Partch: "Enclosure II: Harry Partch". Historic Speech-Music Recordings from the Harry Partch Archives. Contains "Dark Brother" (1942-45), "Settings from Finnegan's Wake" (1944-45), an amateur reading of "Bitter Music" (1935), a lecture on just intonation and more. Some of the 78 rpm dubs were played back too fast and Harry's voice sounds peculiarly falsetto. Otherwise superb. 4 CD set, 1996. Innova Recordings 401. Available from Minnesota Composer's Forum.
  • Harry Partch: "Enclosure V". Contains "Ulysses Departs from the Edge of the World", "Revelation in the Courthouse Park" (1960), "Introduction to King Oedipus" (1954), "King Oedipus" (1952) live premiere in Mills College, "Come Away, Death" (1942), "By the Rivers of Babylon (137th Psalm) - (1961)", "Introduction to The Bewitched" (1959), "The Bewitched" live in Cologne in 1980, Johann Krieger: "Menuet" (1950). 3 CD set. Innova Recordings 405, 1998.
  • Harry Partch: "Enclosure VI". "Delusion of the Fury", the monumental work of ritual-theater that propelled Harry Partch into the limelight. Conducted by Danlee Mitchell. Innova Recordings 406, 1999.
  • Harry Partch: "Barstow: Eight Hitchhikers' Inscriptions from a Highway Railing at Barstow" (1941) in the orchestration of Ben Johnston. Performed by the Kronos Quartet on "Howl, U.S.A." Other works by Michael Daugherty, Scott Johnson and Lee Hyla. I.F. Stone, Allen Ginsberg, voice. Nonesuch, 1996. CD 7559-79372-2
  • Harry Partch: "The Letter" (1943, 1972). On "CRI 40th Anniversary - The Composer-Performer" with music of Henry Cowell, Irving Fine et al. Performed by Da Capo Chamber Players, Michael Gordon Philharmonic, et al. CRI, 1994. CRI 670
  • Harry Partch: "Ulysses at the Edge of the World" (1955). Performed by the Gate 5 Ensemble. On "Gay American Composers Vol. 2", CRI, 1997. CRI 750
  • Harry Partch: "Two Studies On Ancient Greek Scales" (1946). Performed by the Kronos Quartet on "Kronos Quartet - Early Music", Nonesuch, 1997. Nonesuch 79457
  • Harry Partch: "The Wayward" (1935-1941). A collection of musical compositions based on the spoken and written words of hobos and other characters. Contains "Barstow", "San Francisco", "The Letter" and "U.S. Highball". Performed by Stephen Kalm, Robert Osborne and Newband cond. Dean Drummond. Wergo, 2002. WER 66382
  • Harry Partch: "Bitter Music" (Music of Harry Partch vol. 1). Performed by John Schneider, voice, adapted viola, adapted guitar; Gary Eister, voice and piano; Richard Valitutto, piano; Paul West, kithara. Bridge Records, 2011. BRIDGE 9349A/C
  • Samuel Pellman: "Selected Planets", microtonal electronic music, Innova 597, CD 15
  • Krzysztof Penderecki: "Threnody For the Victims of Hiroshima" (1959). This famous orchestral piece begin with strings glissandi and has quarter-tone clusters. Polskie Nagrania PNCD 017.
    RAI Orchestra Rome and Rome Soloists conducted by Bruno Maderna RCA-VICS 1239 and Conifer Records, CDCF 168.
    "Music of Penderecki", Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra & London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Penderecki. EMI Matrix 5, CDM 5 65077-2
    Also on Vienna Modern Masters. VMM 3010
    Also on Capitol. CAP 65077
  • Krzysztof Penderecki: "Emanationen für zwei Streichorchester" (1958). Performed by the Polish Symphony Orchestra cond. Krzysztof Penderecki. EMI Classics, Matrix 17, 1995. EMI 5654162. Also on Vox 68-72, 7843538
  • Krzysztof Penderecki: "St. Luke Passion" (1963-65). Performed by Krakow Boys Choir Penderecki and Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Argo 430328
    Performed in 1966 by Krakow Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra cond. Henryk Czyz, Polskie Nagrania, 1989. PNCD 017A+B
  • Tim Perkis and Scot Gresham-Lancaster: "Farabi". 31-Tone algorithmic solo overlaid with live 31-tone improvised counterpoint. From CD "The Hub" which is also the name of the computer music band with other members John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Mark Trayle and Phil Stone. Artifact Recordings, 1989. ART 1002
  • John Pierce: "Eight-Tone Canon". On Computer Music Currents vol. 13, Wergo WER 2033-2
  • Skip La Plante: "Skip La Plante". Contains "Camping in the Backyard", "Concerto for bassoon and homemade instruments", "The bouncing streetlights of nome", "Theme and variations in 13 equal", "Zeugledon" and "Glyptodont". American Festival of Microtonal Music, Pitch CD P-200205
  • Larry Polansky: "Al Het (for the peoples of Nicaragua)" for gamelan instruments and soprano. On CD "Interactions" with issue 2 of the magazine Leonardo Music Journal.
  • Larry Polansky: "Simple Harmonic Motion". Instrumental music in extended just intonation. Contains "Another You (17 Variations for Solo Harp In Just Intonation" performed by Alyssa Hess Reit, "Movement for Andrea Smith (My Funny Valentine for Just String Quartet)" performed by Ron Erickson, "Movement for Lou Harrison (for Just Bass Quartet)" and "Horn" for horn and computer. Artifact Recordings, 1994. ART 1011
  • Larry Polansky: "The Theory of Impossible Melody". Contains "Four Voice Canons", "B rey sheet" and "Psaltery". It features collaborations with Phil Burk, Jody Diamond, Tom Erbe, Chris Mann and William Winant. Artifact Recordings, 1990. ART 1004
  • Larry Polansky: "Choir/Empi's Solo", "Bedhaya Guthrie/Bedhaya Sadra" and "Four Voice Canon 9b" on the CD "Change", Artifact Recordings, 2002. ART 1023
  • Ted Ponjee: "The Female Modes" (1985). On "New sights and sounds for harpsichord", Annelie de Man, harpsichord. Three themes form the composition's starting point. Rather contradictory characters proceed from the first two themes. The quotation at the end, 'later when I'm grown up', leaves the (imaginary) possibility for further development. Eighteen tones of the 2nd manual are tuned a quarter-tone higher or lower. Haags Gemeentemuseum, 1988. HGM CD 02
  • Rod Poole: "The Death Adder". 11-Limit just intonation guitar improvisations. WIN Records, 1995. WIN 021
  • Rod Poole: "December 96". 11-Limit just intonation acoustic guitar music. WIN Records, 1996. WIN 031
  • Henri Pousseur: "Electronic experimental and microtonal (1953-1999)", Sub Rosa, SR289
  • Éliane Radigue: "Kyema, Intermediate States" (1988). Experimental Intermedia, 1990. XI 103
  • Horatio Radulescu: "Inner time II. Homage to Calder" for seven B flat clarinets. Performed by Armand Angster Clarinet System: Angster, Peuvion, Jacquemin, Berthomier, Foltz, Bergerard, Tempö. Based on a scale of 42 pitches (spectral scordatura). Auvidis Montaigne, 1994. MO 782030
  • Horatio Radulescu: String Quartet nr. 4 op. 33 (1976-87) "hommage à Leonardo da Vinci". Arditti String Quartet. Edition RZ, 2002. Ed. RZ-4002
  • Ami Radunskaya: "A Wild and Reckless Place" (1990), for electronic cello and Radio Baton. This beautiful composition exploits the melodic properties of the Bohlen-Pierce scale rather than its harmonic challenges. Performed by Ami Radunskaya, electronic cello, and Max Mathews, Radio Baton. CDCM Computer Music Series vol. 15, Centaur Records, CRC 2190
  • Paul Rapoport: "Prelude: De spiritu sancto" (1993), with text by Hildegard von Bingen for soprano solo, synthesizer and choir. Uses the 14-note stellated 1 3 5 7 hexany of Erv Wilson. On CD with issue 60 of the magazine Musicworks, 1994
  • Paul Rapoport: "A Study in Fives" (1994) for electronic guitar voice in 25-tone e.t. On CD with issue 61 of the magazine Musicworks, February 1995.
  • Michel Redolfi: "Pacific Tubular Waves" (1979) created with the Synclavier with under-water registrations. On the CD "Desert Tracks", INA-GRM, 1988. INA CD 1005
    Also on "Immersion & Pacific Tubular Waves", INA-GRM 1980, no. 3D 833 22
  • Aribert Reimann: "Unrevealed für Baritone und Streichquartett". According to the liner notes: "... the first movement begins with a signal like series of chords mostly in quarter tones which is repeated in variation throughout the composition." CPO 999 031-2
  • Brian Reinbolt: "It's Not That Simple". Computer generated electronic music. The piece "Simple" uses quarter-tones. Artifact Recordings. ART 1005
  • Johnny Reinhard: "Raven". With "Dune", "Raven", "Atlantis", "Circle", "Chaco Canyon" and four improvisations for bassoon, didjeridu, and percussion. Stereo Society, 1999.
  • Johnny Reinhard: "Odysseus". Performed by Dave Eggar, cello; John Schneider and Wim Hoogewerf, microtonal guitars and the American Festival of Microtonal Music Orchestra. PITCH no. 1. CD Baby, 2005. P-200201
  • Robert Rich and Ian Boddy: "Lithosphere", slow 7-limit synthesizermusic, DiN Something Else Music Ltd., 2005. DiN 21
  • Emil Richards and the Microtonal Blues Band: "Journey to Bliss". Impulse, 1968. A-9166
  • Franz Richter Herf: "Ekmelische Musik". Contains "Wie schwache Fontänen" Initiale Nr. 1 op. 6 (1976), "Ekmelischer Satz für Streichquartett" op. 13 (1976), "Welle der Nacht" op. 2 (1973), "Ekmelischer Gesang für Solo-Violine" op. 5 (1975), "Die Stunde des Pan" op. 7 (1975), "Alapa" op. 9 (1976), "Indago" op. 10 (1976). Performed by Franz Richter Herf, Ekmelic Organ; Pro-Arte-Quartett; Harald Herzl, violin; Marianne Oberascher, harp; Maria Taborsky, soprano and others. Internationalen Gesellschaft für Ekmelische Musik, 2003.
  • Franz Richter Herf: "Vom Leben das Beste. Ekmelische Musik für Gesang Harfe Gitarre", Compositions relating to the eponymous song by Franz Richter Herf, issued by the International Ekmelic Music Society, 2019, Salzburg, Austria Uni Mozarteum Records 18.
  • Richard Rijnvos: "Stanza" (1994), microtonal version. Performed by the Ives Ensemble. Donemus Composers Voice, 1996. CV 82
  • Jean-Claude Risset: "Inharmonique" (1977) for soprano and tape, sung by Irène Jarsky and "Mutations" (1969) for computer sounds. INA-GRM, 1987. INA C 1003
  • Pete Rose: "Recorderist Pete Rose". With compositions by himself, Ryohei Hirose, Luciano Berio, Mario Lavista, John Coltrane, and Benjamin Thorn employing extended techniques on sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders. AFMM P-200204, 2005.
  • Mathew Rosenblum: "Ancient Eyes", with "Nü kuan tzu" (1996), "Ancient Eyes" (1990) and "Maggies" (1997). All works use a combination of 12-tone e.t. and nine just pitches making a 21-tone microtonal scale. Performed by the Prism Players cond. Bradley Lubman and the California E.A.R. Unit, cond. Stephen Mosko. Composers Recordings, 1999. CRI 831.
  • David Rosenboom: "Meaning" and "Meaning in Context" from "Systems of Judgment" (1988), CDCM Computer Music Series vol. 4, Centaur Records, CRC 2077
  • François Elie Roulin: "Disque Rouge". (Yamaha FM synthesizers, unknown tunings). Very intricate and accomplished music, pretty but not simplistic. Opal, 1990. Out of print.
  • Keith Rowe, Axel Dörner and Franz Hautzinger: "A View from the Window". Music for guitar, electronics, trumpet and quartertonal trumpet. Erstwhile Records 041
  • Loren Rush: "A Little Travelling Music". Just intonation piano with computer background. Computer Music Currents vol. 2, Wergo WER 2022-50
  • Marc Sabat and Lorenzo Pompa: Wave piano scenery player, World Edition, 2007. CD #0016
  • Marc Sabat: "Leaving Santa Barbara" (2012). On Zap Pole Moron.
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    Also on "Okanagon". With "Tre pezzi" (1956) for trombone solo, "Wo Ma" (1960) for bassvoice solo, "C'est bien la nuit" (1972) for double bass solo, "Le réveil profond" (1977) for double bass solo "Et maintenant, c'est à vous à jouer" (1974) for cello and double bass "Okanagon" (1968) for harp, double bass and tam tam, "Mantram" (1987) for double bass solo. Hat Hut Records, hat ART CD 6124
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    Played by Annelie de Man on "A Lady Shaves her Legs", Erasmus Producties, 1992. WVH 072
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    Performed by Contemporary Chamber Ensemble cond. Weisberg. Elektra-Nonesuch, 1989. 75597 71269-2
    Performed by Utah Symphony Orchestra cond. Abravanel. Vanguard Classics 7244 4031-2
  • Edgar Varèse: "Hyperprism" (1922-1923). Contains one quarter-tone that plays a large role. Performed by Ensemble InterContemporain & Choeur de Radio France cond. Boulez. CBS, 1983. IM 39053
  • Lois Vierk: "Simoom" (1986), for eight cellos performed here by Theodore Mook, evolves towards a highly-charged climax of glissandi and repeated notes. "Go Guitars" (1981) is a loud, frenzied microtonal work for five guitars treated as one massive instrument. "Cirrus" (1987) is a gentle work for six trumpets which explores, among other things, the limits of trumpet glissandi. Experimental Intermedia, XI 102
    "Go Guitars" also on O.O. Discs 36
  • Lois Vierk: "River Beneath The River". Compositions for string quartet, brass sextet, and a dynamic piece for electric guitar, percussion, cello, and synthesizer. Tzadik. TZ 7056
  • Anatol Vieru: Concerto for clarinet & orchestra (1974). Performed by Aurelian Octav Popa, clarinet and the Philharmonic Orchestra Moldova cond. Anatol Vieru. On "Rumanian Anthology", Attacca Babel 9264-3
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    United Recording, 1994. United 88034 CD
    "Mbira" is also on vol. 7 "Zimbabwe" from the World Network series of the WDR (West-German radio). WDR, 1993. 52.990
  • Klaas de Vries: "Murder in the dark" (1985) for 2 harpsichords played by Annelie de Man and Thora Johansen.
    Willem Jeths: "Mythos" (1992), played by Annelie de Man. Both pieces are in a 24-note tuning.
    Roderik de Man: "Momentum" (1991). On "The Contemporary Harpsichord"; other compositions by Grímsson, Bruins and Bruynèl. 1994, NM Classics 92038
  • Alain Weber: "Constellaire" (1994), trio for mandolin, guitar and Celtic harp, in 24-tone e.t. Performed by Trio Sonorités Rares: Christian Schneider, mandolin; Marie-Thérèse Ghirardi, guitar and Denise Mégevand, Celtic harp. "Mutances" (1979) for clarinet solo, with quarter-tones and harmonics. Performed by Guy Deplus. "Et l'on vit des fées débarquer sur la plage" (1994) for harp solo used to full advantage. Performed by Nathalie Weber. REM, 1998. REM no. 311318
  • Julia Werntz and John Mallia: "All in Your Mind". With "Lock", "Poor Denizens of Hell" and "Plexus" by John Mallia and "Piano Piece", "To You Strangers" and "String Trio with Homage to Chopin" by Julia Werntz. Acoustical chamber music. Capstone Records, 2004. CPS-8730
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  • James Wood: "Venancio Mbande Talking with the Trees". Kuniko Kato, quarter-tone marimba and the Critical Band. "James Wood is less well-known and appreciated than he should be... this is music driven by pulse and colour and illuminated from time to time by shafts of tellingly placed melody, often microtonally inflected," BBC Music Magazine 1997. NMC, 1997. NMC D044
  • Ivan Wyschnegradsky: "Hommage à Ivan Wyschnegradsky". It commemorates the 100th anniversary of Wyschnegradsky's birth and contains "Transparences I" (1953), "Transparences II" (1963), "Composition en quarts de ton" (1963), "Cosmos" (1939) for 4 pianos, Serge Provost's "Ein Horn" (1992) and Bruce Mather's wine-inspired work "Yquem" (1991) for four Ondes Martenot and four pianos in quarter-tone. L'Ensemble d'Ondes de Montréal. Techni-Sonore, 1994. SNE-589-CD
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  • Ivan Wyschnegradsky: "Étude sur les Mouvements rotatoires" op. 45a. (1961), "24 Préludes dans l'échelle chromatique diatonisée à 13 sons" op. 22 (1934 rev. 1960/70) in quarter-tones for two pianos performed by Sylvaine Billier and Martine Joste. Col legno, 2002. WWE 1CD 20206
  • Ivan Wyschnegradsky: "Chant douloureux et étude pour violon et piano" op. 6 (1918), in 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 tones. Martin Gelland, violin and Lennart Wallin, piano. "Chant nocturne" op. 12 bis (1923) for violin in 1/4, 1/6 & 1/8 tones and two pianos in 1/4 tones. On the CD "Lyrische Aspekte unseres Jahrhundert" with Martin Gelland, violin; Ute Gareis and Klaus-Georg Pohl, piano. Vienna Modern Masters, 1995. VMM 2017
  • Ivan Wyschnegradsky: "L'Evangile Rouge" op. 8, "Deux chants sur Nietzsche" op. 9, "Deux chants russes" op. 29 and "A Richard Wagner" op. 26. On the CD "L'Evangile rouge" (The Red Gospel). Also contains from Bruce Mather "Un cri qui durerait la mer" and "Des laines de lumière". Performed by Michel Ducharme, baryton-basse, Pierrette Lepage and Bruce Mather, quarter-tone pianos. Société Nouvelle d'Enregistrement, SNE-647-CD.
  • Ivan Wyschnegradsky: "24 Preludes in Quarter-Tone System" (1934/1970) and "Étude sur le 'Carré Magique Sonore" op. 40 (1957). Performed by Josef Christof and Steffen Schleiermacher, quarter-tone pianos. With Ives Quarter-Tone pieces and Three Page Sonata. Hat Hut Records, 2006, hat(now)ART 143
  • Ivan Wyschnegradsky: "Musique pour trois pianos en sixièmes de ton". McGill University Records 77002 (LP?).
  • Iannis Xenakis: "Oresteia" (1965-66). Choir of Notre Dame de Paris, Ensemble Ars Nova cond. Marius Constant, Erato, ERA 9137.
  • Iannis Xenakis: "Nuits" (1968) for mixed chorus. Uses quarter-tones. Groupe Vocal de France, M. Tranchant cond. Arion ARN 68084
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    Performed by Kari Kriikku, clarinet and Members of the Avanti Chamber Orchestra, Finlandia, 1994. facd 366
    Performed by Michiyo Suzuki, clarinet and the American Festival of Microtonal Music, PITCH no. 3, CD Baby, 2004. P-200203
  • Iannis Xenakis: "N'Shima" (1975) for 2 mezzo-sopranos, 2 horns, 2 trombones and cello. Uses quarter-tones. On "Orchestral Works & Chamber Music", also containing "Ata", "Metastaseis", "Loolkos", "Charisma", "Jonchaies". Col legno, 2000. AU 20504
  • Iannis Xenakis: "Dmaathen" (1976). Frank van Koten, oboe; Johan Faber, percussion. BVHAAST CD0706
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    Performed by Gert Mortensen and the Kroumata Percussion Emsemble. On the same CD: "Psappha". BIS, 1992. BIS 482
    Performed by Keiko Abe and Les Percussions de Strasbourg. Denon, 1990. DEN 73678
  • Xu Fengxia: "Difference and Similarity". This CD contains 22 modern compositions inspired by Chinese traditional music and poetry. She plays the guzheng, sanxian, guqin and percussion instruments. The guzheng is played microtonally and in unusual ways with a violin bow and behind the bridges. FMP CD 096. FMP, 1999.
  • Ozan Yarman: "Microtonal Chamber Musics" (2016), "My Electronic & Ambience Musics" (2016), "Select Keyboard Pieces" (2016), "Orchestral Works" (2016) and "Cyprus Piano Concerto" (2016), CD-R's from Amazon.com
  • La Monte Young and the Forever Bad Blues Band: "Just Stompin'". Gramavision R2 79487
  • Isang Yun: "Salomo" from the cantata "Der weise Mann" with tones modified by microintervals. On the CD "Inventionen für 2 Flöten" performed by Reede, Roorda, Starreveld, Takahashi, Esser and Kracht. Babel, 1989.
  • Hans Zender: "Cantata after words by Meister Eckhart". Michiko Hirayama, soprano and Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken cond. Hans Zender. CPO, 1997. CPO 999485-2
  • Hans Zender: "Lo-Shu I-III - VII". Performed by musikFabrik with Helen Bledsoe, flute. Contains "Lo-Shu VII - 4 enso" (1997), "Lo-Shu I" (1977), "Lo-Shu II - Mondschrift" (1978) and "Lo-Shu III" (1978). CPO, 2001. CPO 999771-2
  • Bernd Alois Zimmermann: "Présence" (1961). Ballet blanc en cinq scènes pour violon, violoncelle et piano. Uses quarter-tones. Performed by Saschko Gawriloff, violin, Siegfried Palm, cello and Aloys Kontarsky, piano. Deutsche Grammophon, 1980. DG 437725-2
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  • Jos Zwaanenburg: "7 Pieces for solo flute" (1986) and "Solo for prepared flute" (1984). On CD "La Zététique" Works composed and performed by Leigh Landy and Jos Zwaanenburg. Erasmus Producties, 1993. WVH083
  • Jos Zwaanenburg: "20 Odd Years. Music for flute(s) & live electronics". FMR, 2011. FMR 316


  • "Between the keys. Microtonal masterpieces of the 20th century". Contains Ives: "Three Quartertone Pieces" for two pianos, Partch: "Yankee Doodle Fantasy" (1941) for voice and ensemble, Cage: "Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano" and Wyschnegradsky: "Meditation on Two Themes From The Day of Existence" in 72-tone e.t. for piano & bassoon. Played by the American Festival of Microtonal Music Ensemble - Johnny Reinhard, bassoon and Joshua Pierce, piano. Newport Classics, 1992. NPD 85526-2
  • "The Carrillo 1/16 Tone Piano". Contains Alain Banquart: "Habiter l'ambre" for piano and tape, Marc Kilchenmann: "Vertrautheitsselig auf Eis" for 1/16-tone piano and grand piano, Ernst Helmuth Flammer: "Klavierstück VIII" and "À la recherche de l'autre", Werner Grimmel: "Sehr langsam, bedächtig", "Andante, bestimmt" and "Moderato, verspielt", Martin Imholtz: "Sechs Stücke für 1/16 Ton Klavier", Bernfried E.G. Pröve: "Écho à Gérard", Franck Christoph Yeznikian: "Un trouble si clair". Performed by Sylvaine Billier, Dominik Blum and Martine Joste, Sauter 1/16-tone piano. Edition Zeitklang, 2003. ez-14016
  • "Chamber". Contains Julián Carrillo's "Preludio a Colon", Lou Harrison's "At the Tomb of Charles Ives", Giacinto Scelsi's "Ko-Lho", Iannis Xenakis' "Anaktoria", Charles Ives's String Quartet no. 2, "Arguments", "The Call of the Mountains", Harry Partch's "Two Settings From Joyce's Finnegan's Wake", "Isobel" and "Anna the Allmaziful". Played live by the American Festival of Microtonal Music with Meredith Borden, soprano; Michiyo Suzuki, clarinet; Andrew Bolotowsky, flute; Tom Chiu and Conrad Harris, violin; Max Mandel, viola and Dave Egger, cello. series PITCH no. 3. CD Baby, 2004. P-200203
  • "Clovek, nástroj, hudba: historické hudební nástroje" (Man, instrument, music: historical musical instruments), published by Ceské Muzeum Hudby together with the Academy of Performing Arts (AMU) in Prague, 2004. HF 0025-2132. Contains excerpt of Alois Hába's Fantasy no. 10, op. 31 and the second movement (Poco andante) of Karel Reiner's "Trí dua pro 2 ctvrttónové klarinety" (Three duos for two quarter-tone clarinets).
  • "Electronical". Contains Wendy Carlos: "Afterlife" (1997), Albina Stefanou: "The Daemon", Joel Mandelbaum: "Andante Cantabile", Elodie Lauten: "XX", Joseph Pehrson: "Blackjack" (2001) and David Glazier: "Token". Performed by the American Festival of Microtonal Music Ensemble cond. Johnny Reinhard; Andrew Bolotowsky, bass flute; Kenneth Bookstein, synthesizer; Elodie Lauten, vocals and keyboards and Chris Washburne, trombone. CD Baby, 2006. Pitch P-200208
  • "the door in the wall... instrumentS d'illusion?". Harpsichord works performed by vivie' vinçent (Vivienne Spiteri). Contains John Beckwith: "On the Other Hand..." (1997), four quarter-tone studies. Bruce Mather: "Saumur" (1990), also quarter-tonal. Calliope Tsoupaki: "Common Passion" in the just Agricola tuning. Other pieces by Barabara Pentland, David Eagle, Pierre Schaeffer, François Rose, Pierre Desrochers, Rodney Sharman, Simon Emmerson, Wendy Prezament and Brian Cherney. Double-CD CMC CD ISI 01-02
  • "Hallways: 11 musicians and HMSL" A compilation of pieces using HMSL. Works by David Rosenboom, Jeanne Parson, Carter Scholz, Nick Didkovsky, David Fuqua, Phil Burk, John Bischoff, Robert Marsanyi and Larry Polansky, of which many in experimental intonation. Frog Peak Music, 1994. FP09
  • "50 jaar Stichting Huygens-Fokker". Contains from Peter Schat: "Collages" (1962) for 31-tone organ, Henk Badings: "Sonata 3 for two violins" (1967) in 31-tone e.t. and "Reeks van kleine klankstukken" (1954) on 31-tone organ, Ivan Wyschnegradsky: "Étude ultrachromatique" (1959) for 31-tone organ, Jos Zwaanenburg: "Cherubs' Chirrup" (1992) for open-key alto flute and 31-tone organ, Rafael Reina: "Drag on...Claustrophobia" (1997) performed by Interval Chamber Amsterdam and Janice Jackson, soprano. The 31-tone organ is played by Joop van Goozen. Badings' Sonata is performed by Bouw Lemkes and Jeanne Vos, violin. Stichting Huygens-Fokker, 1999
  • "Just West Coast. Microtonal music from the west". Contains from Harry Partch: "Barstow" (1941) and "Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales" (1946), Lou Harrison: "Suite No.2" and "Six Sonatas", La Monte Young: "Sarabande" and John Cage: "Dream" and "In a Landscape". Performed by John Schneider on refretted or interchangeable fretboard acoustic guitar after Partch's and Amy Shulman, harp. Bridge Records, 1993. BCD 9041
  • "Just Guitars. Microtonal guitar music". Contains Carter Scholz: "Rhythmicon I", Lou Harrison: "Scenes from Nek Chand", "Tandy's Tango", "Cinna", "Palace Music", "Plaint & Variations on 'Song of Palestine'", "Serenado por Gitaro", Harry Partch: "Letter from Hobo Pablo", "December 1942", "Three Intrusions", Terry Riley: "Harp of New Albion" and John Schneider: "Lament". Performed by John Schneider, guitars and vocals. Bridge Records, 2003. BCD 9132
  • KanteleSatoa: "Contemporary Compositions". Contains Juhani Nuorvala: "Three Impromptus" for clarinet and kantele, uses microtones, "Toivo" for kantele and tape, an ambient work in 13-limit JI, Hannu Pohjannoro: "Maan väreiksi taipuu valo", uses quartertones and Jukka Tiensuu: Manaus, uses quartertones. IMU-Inkoon musiikki, IMU-CD 075
  • "Kuuntele". Contains Paola Livorsi: "ascolta", uses microtones. Juhani Nuorvala: "Three Impromptus" (2006). Performed by Elisa Kerola, kantele, Mikko Raasakka, clarinet. 2006, JaseCD 0044
  • Microtona: International DVD project about microtonal music issued by P-ART, trailer, 2016.
  • "Music of Ancient Greece". Performed by Christodoulos Halaris. Orata, ORANGM 2013
  • "Music of the Ancient Greeks". Performed by ensemble De Organographia. Pandourion Records, 1995. PRCD1001
  • "Musique de la Grèce Antique - Une lecture des documents qui sont parvenus jusqu'à nous". Ancient Greek music performed by Atrium Musicæ de Madrid, cond. Gregorio Paniagua. Harmonia Mundi, 1979, HMA 1901015
  • "Music from six continents 1992 series". Contains Juhani Nuorvala: "Pinta ja säe" (Surface and Phrase) (1992) which uses quartertones. Performed by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Szymon Kawalla. Vienna Modern Masters, 1992. VMM 3012
  • Newband: "Play Microtonal Works by Partch, Cage, La Barbara and Drummond". Contains Partch's "Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales" (1946), Cage's "Haikai" (1984) and Drummond's "Columbus" (1980). Just intonation compositions using the zoomoozophone, a metallophone and various other instruments. Mode Records, 1990. Mode 18
  • Newband: "Play Microtonal Works by Partch, Monk, Rosenblum, Drummond and Pugliese". Contains "Daphne of the Dunes" (1958, rev. 1967) played on original Partch instruments, an arrangement of "'Round Midnight" of Thelonius Monk, "Different Drums" by Drummond and other works. Mode Records, 1994. Mode 33
  • Newband: "Dance of the seven veils". Harry Partch: "Castor and Pollux" (1952), Anne LeBaron: "Southern Ephemera" (1993), Elizabeth Brown: "Archipelago" (1990/92), Dean Drummond: "Dance of the Seven Veils" (1992). Harry Partch Instrumentarium, zoomoozophone, juststrokerods, microtonal flute, cello and synthesizer. Music & Arts, 1996. CD931
  • Newband: "Harry Partch and Dean Drummond". Harry Partch: "Eleven Intrusions" (1949-50) and "Dark Brother" (1943), Dean Drummond: "Before the Last Laugh" and "Congressional Record". Innova Recordings, 2002. Innova 561
  • "New Microtonal Music from South California - vols. 1-2". Microtonal Shelf, 1998. CD007, CD008
  • "New World". Music for acoustic and electronic instruments by the Toronto-based chamber ensemble ARRAYMUSIC (violin, clarinet, trumpet, bass, piano, percussion). Features Terry Riley's "Cactus Rosary", written for ARRAYMUSIC in 1990, using Riley's just-derived (7-limit) Rosary tuning; also works by Michael J. Baker, Stephen Parkinson, James Tenney, Rudolf Komorous, Christopher Butterfield. Artifact Music. ART-006
  • "Pitch" issued by the American Festival of Microtonal Music, 5 CDs, 2003. CDs are sold separately and there will be a total of 20. For contents and info about ordering, email to afmmjr@aol.com.
  • "Resolver". A Microtonal World Continuum between Meditation and Indeterminate Sound. David First with guest artists Loretta Goldberg, piano; Joseph Kubera, piano; Joseph Celli, WX-7 midi breath controller; and the World Casio Quartet. The disc features six works. O.O. Discs 5, 1996.
  • Stadler Quartett: "Ekmelische Musik". Works for string quartet from Alois Hába: Streichquartett nr. 14 op. 94, Franz Richter Herf: "Initialien für Streichquartett" and "Ekmelischer Satz", Kurt Anton Hueber: Streichquartett op. 37 "Dankos Herz" and Johannes Kotschy: Streichquartett nr. 2 op. 35. Reihe Neue Musik Österreich no. 2, In-akustic balance, 1999. 019-9447-1
  • "The Harmonic Series". A compilation of musical works in Just Intonation curated by Duane Pitre. Music by Pauline Oliveros, Ellen Fullman, Charles Curtis, Michael Marrison, Greg Davis, R Keenan Lawler, Duane Pitre, Theresa Wong and Zachary James Watkins. Important Records, November 2009. imprec272-cd
  • "The Yasser Collection", 19 short pieces in 19 divisions of the octave commissioned over a 5 year period by trumpeter Stephen Altoft for this specially adapted instrument. Composers: Lely, Grebtschenko, Anne La Berge, Redgate, Plein, Donald Bousted, Bryan, Cornelius Schwehr, Bailey, Ravasi, Michael Parsons, Jürg Frey, Michael. H Dixon, Garrido de la Rosa, Stuart Paul Duncan, Edwards, Neil Haverstick. Microtonal Projects. MPR007CD
  • "Toward Unknown Regions - 1". Microtonal Shelf, 1998. CD009
  • "Toward Unknown Regions - 2". Microtonal Shelf, 1998. CD010
  • "tuning@eartha.mills.edu - a microtonal music experience". Tuning List forum CD (1998), Neil Haverstick (ed.) Microtonal music by members of the Tuning List: Taylor, Burt, Starrett, Sethares, Haverstick, Loffink, Sanford, Genovese, Crews, Alves, Scholz, Morrison.
  • "Untwelve 2009 compilation". 10 tracks by 10 different artists.
  • "Venturi Shadows". Works by Neil Rolnick, Gorn and Ned Rothenberg performed by Robert Dick. O.O. Discs 7
  • "Vierteltonduo Bächli/Schneider", the Swiss quarter-tone piano duo Gertrud Schneider and Thomas Bächli, with compositions of Charles Ives, Peter Streiff, Dieter Jordi, Roland Moser, Pierre Mariétan, Martin Wehrli and Ivan Wyschnegradsky. MGB CTS-M 70 (also from CPO)

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Overige organisaties

Het American Festival of Microtonal Music, info@afmm.org, geeft de CD-reeks "Pitch" uit.

EMF (Electronic Music Foundation), 116 North Lake Avenue, Albany NY 12206, USA, emf@emf.org is een organisatie zonder winstoogmerk die veel CD's met microtonale elektronische muziek heeft.

Frog Peak, P.O. Box 1052, Lebanon NH 03766, USA, tel. 603-448-8837, fp@frogpeak.org, verkoopt CD's, cassettes en bladmuziek.

Split-Notes is een microtonaal netlabel waarvan CD's gratis in CD-kwaliteit FLAC-formaat of in MP3-formaat gedownload kunnen worden.

"The Microtonal Record Shelf" is een initiatief van Brian McLaren. Schrijf hem een briefje voor een catalogus: 2462 S.E. Micah Place, Corvallis OR 97333-1966-17, USA.


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