Bohlen-Pierce Scale Structures

1. Fundamental BP scales

Harmonic scale essentials

Development of the just chromatic scale

Continued Fractions and BP

A "Pythagorean" approach

The equally tempered scale

The reference BP diatonic mode

Fokker lattice representation of BP

What about BP tonality?

2. BP modes

Basic BP diatonic modes

Kees van Prooijen's 7-step modes

3. BP tunings

Dave Benson's BP Pythagorean tuning

Dan Stearns' BP "meantone" rotations

Dave Keenan's minimum error approach

Paul Erlich's TOP paradigm approach

John "Longitude" Harrison and BP

4. More than 13 steps per tritave

Paul Erlich's Triple BP Scale

Minimum error generator for the triple BP scale

The 271 tone BP scale

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