Sunday September 30, 2018, 11.00 | Dans, Dans, Dans! | Small Hall |

The new season of Fokker organ concerts will kick off with a program that focuses on dance. Three dancers will perform choreographies and dance improvisations on music played by Ere Lievonen on the 31-tone organ. For this occasion the glass wall of the Small Hall opens up, so the dancers are free to move both inside and outside the hall. The works that are on the program connect in a special way to the theme of 'dance', because the composers were all working at a dance academy as a musical accompanist: Martijn Padding, Christina Oorebeek, Martin Lo-A-Njoe and John Cage. Tickets at the box office of the Muziekgebouw. Read more.
Sunday Nov. 11, 2018, 11.00 h. | The Euler organ of Fokker | Small Hall

The fact that Professor Adriaan Fokker had the 31-tone organ built in 1950 is known. But in 1943, as curator of the Teylers Museum, he also took the initiative to have the so-called Euler organ built. Only a few know this, partly because this little organ has been unplayable for a long time. A wonderful opportunity to examine how the Euler organ once sounded, 75 years after the completion of the instrument! With historical compositions by Jan van Dijk, Henri Carf (Henk van Kempen) and Martin J. Lürsen. And a brand new work by the Dutch composer Gijsbrecht Roijé. Tickets can be ordered at the box office of the Muziekgebouw. Read more here.

Call for scores!
The Huygens-Fokker Foundation is seeking new works for Fokker organ (31-tone organ), composed for performer or for laptop, controlling the instrument through MIDI. A combination of the Fokker organ and the Carrillo-piano is also possible (check the corresponding tones here). Submitted compositions will be evaluated on playability and quality before considering a possible performance during our next Fokker organ concert series.

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