Sunday November 16, 2017, 11.00 | MICRO|IMPRO   |  Small Hall

Guitarists Bram Stadhouders and Melle Weijters will perform on the 31-tone organ via their guitars and laptops. Stadhouders, known in the Netherlands for his distinctive guitar playing, will mainly focus on his characteristic enervating improvisations. Weijters, who is an initiate in microtonal music with a special interest in fretless and microtonal guitars, will focus on new microtonal applications in jazz and blues. The differences in approach between the two gentlemen will also be presented in a impro-battle.You can order t ickets at the box office of the Muziekgebouw. More here.
Sunday October 1, 2017, 11.00 h. | Fokker organ XL! | Small Hall

Especially for this concert, the unique acoustic Fokker organ is expanded with digital stops. A variety of realistic organ sounds (tuned in the 31-tone system) are added to some late-romantic works that require more organ stops than the Fokker organ has. Because of this digital expansion, organ works from the 19th and 20th century can be performed perfectly in meantone temperament, for the first time in music history. Fokker organist Ere Lievonen will be accompanied by Maarten Havinga. Tickets at the box office of the Muziekgebouw. Read more here.

Call for scores!
The Huygens-Fokker Foundation is seeking new works for Fokker organ (31-tone organ), composed for performer or for laptop, controlling the instrument through MIDI. A combination of the Fokker organ and the Carrillo-piano is also possible (check the corresponding tones here). Submitted compositions will be evaluated on playability and quality before considering a possible performance during our next Fokker organ concert series.

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