Sunday Jan. 13, 2019, 11.00 | Small Hall |Renaissance & the 21st century

Vokalprojekt 31, accompanied by Ere Lievonen on the 31-tone organ, is a pioneering ensemble of five vocalists, performing 31-tone music from the Renaissance, early Baroque and the current century. This season, Vokalprojekt 31 guarantees again the performance of quirky works from the meantone music era and the 21st century. The four 31-tone madrigals of 1555 by the Italian composer Nicola Vicentino and some madrigals by Carlo Gesualdo should not be missed. Contemporary music by Andreas Arend and Miranda Driessen will be performed too. Tickets at the Muziekgebouw. Read more about the concert.
Sunday March 3, 2019, 11.00 | Small Hall | Microfobia | Ensemble SCALA

Who is afraid of small intervals? With this new program Ensemble SCALA sets the (micro)tone by performing compositions that are all based on a different division of the octave. In this way, one can listen to quarter-tones of the 24-tone system, third-tones of the 19-tone system and pure tones of the harmonics, next to the fifth-tones of the 31-tone system. On the program new work by Sebastian Dumitrescu, an improvisation in 'just intonation' by Melle Weijters and a classic piece of the eighties by Ezra Sims. In short, a concert full of microtones! Tickets can be ordered at the box office of the Muziekgebouw. Read more here.

Call for scores!
The Huygens-Fokker Foundation is seeking new works for Fokker organ (31-tone organ), composed for performer or for laptop, controlling the instrument through MIDI. A combination of the Fokker organ and the Carrillo-piano is also possible (check the corresponding tones here). Submitted compositions will be evaluated on playability and quality before considering a possible performance during our next Fokker organ concert series.

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